Using Ecobee with SmartThings

Hey Jeff,

This is actually pretty easy without any of the above posts about custom device handlers. If you are ok creating a virtual switch that is. Here’s what I did.

  1. Create a virtual switch called “ecobee home” (names not important).
  2. Setup IFTTT to trigger away mode when my virtual switch is turned off.
  3. Setup IFTTT to resume the current program when my virtual device is turned on.
  4. Trigger the switch to be turned on and off when you’re away and home.

Works like a charm and no custom device handlers that you need to manage.

Good luck!

LOL - one year later :slight_smile:

I got the ecobee on Wednesday and didn’t like the options people were giving me so I played around until I got it to work with as little customization as possible.

Sadly, this solution doesn’t actually work as well as I would like as IFTTT only triggers a “comfort mode” until the next scheduled activity, so it works to set it as away, but then when the next activity hits it changes to that. Very annoying. Still don’t have a way to do this without a Custom Device Handler :’(