User limitations

I want to use my childrens phone as an arrival sensor without them having access to the smatthings app. Is there a way to do that?


Yes you can do that using Life360 app. ST has an integration with Life 360 that lets you use one of the locations on Life 360 account as “Home” location and depending on who all you have on your account (ex: Family or Friends) , you can add them in ST as presence sensors… and get notified and trigger things as people come and go.

You need to first create a Life 360 account - Set up your home location - Send invitation to everyone who needs to be added and then set it up in SmartThings.
In smartThings you need to go to SmartApps>>Social>> Life360 (Connect)


Thank you for the quick reply! I will try with Life360!

If your children have iPhones, then you can also use ifttt. Ifttt has an iOS location channel, so you can use an iPhone location to trigger a smartthings virtual switch. Then, within Smartthings, you can have that virtual switch Trigger whatever routine / action you want.

Each child would need his/her own ifttt account. But this wouldn’t require any additional hardware.

Following up on what @infofiend said, Android also offers location on IFTTT, however the iOS location is far superior (coming from someone who much prefers Android but is forced to use an iPhone at work)

An android user saying that something on iOS is better??? I’m marking the time and date.