UPDATE: Recent SmartThings User Experience & Platform Performance

That’s how I do it. Each individual action is only compared to itself, and only when it executes successfully. Failure is not an option, therefore it is not counted.

I firmly believe in the everybody gets a trophy mentality!


LMAO. Love it.


Oh yeah, you found it.

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I had functionality through this entire upgrade process. I have had my system since November of last year.

Well, that didn’t last long. The turn off at 11pm rule worked for one night but didn’t fire last night (see screen shot below) and the turn on at sunset+60 showed as running twice.

@slagle - Is there anything I can do to get this to work consistently or do I have to wait until there’s a fix pushed out by SmartThings?

My smart lighting app has fired properly for 2 days, turn light on -30 mins sunset and off at -60 sunrise with motion activation for the actual lights. Last night it turned on no problem, this morning I had to manually turn it off. Thats the only smartapp I currently have thats actually doing something.

Do you mean “that’s actually doing something” as in it is the only one operating out that it is the only one acting stupid?

I mean as in its the only smartapp I am using. I’ve only had the hub for a week and currently I am testing reliability in terms of scheduling to see what works properly and what doesn’t.

Okay, but no issues? You stated 100% reliability. That is different than having some functionality.

I had 100% platform stability. The only questions I asked to support or here on the forum was for my pool timer relays and z-wave connectivity. The developer released a new smartapp and device handler for my intermatic3750 and I put in a zwave outdoor switch to get zwave connectivity out to the metal enclosure.

I have had zero platform issues. No missed schedules, no corrupted data, and no disappointment in smartthings. It has worked as advertised for me and what I use.

I do see that the SHM is broken. I do not use that and that is probably why I do not have many issues. I use this system to control lights, my pool equipment, my cameras, and two ZigBee hinges for access.

Over the next few months I will be adding outdoor cameras and a connection to my alarm panel.

Anyone else having issues with receiving push messages? Mine quit on my Android yesterday, but works on my husband’s Android just fine. Hate to bug @slagle with bugs, but I’m wondering if this is a thing or just an issue for me.

Also hopeful that the SHM state will accurately be represented in the Android app. Since the “fix” my app is getting more worthless.

My mode didnt change from “night” to “Home” this morning for some reason. @slagle, should I submit a ticket, or is this covered under some blanket ticket?


I’ve been following what you’ve been saying about people claiming a high reliability rate on their systems.

I just wanted to clear up some stuff…

  • Once I realized how severe the problems were reaching I stopped any improvement changes to my system. I went into maintenance mode.

  • I tried to not change anything in my hardware or my programming. I did add a couple of bulbs, but nothing major.

  • problems:

  • I had several zigbee bulbs stop responding. When renaming the device failed, or it starred failing again I moved it to my Phillips bridge. No problem since.

  • I had two zigbee motion sensors stop responding. Popping the batteries for a quick reset fixed it. This happened got three days in a row at the very beginning. It didn’t repeat.

  • rules beginning corrupted. This occurred about 25 times total. No problems got the past two weeks, I think.

  • automations failing and sporadic - this only occurred when directly related to corrupted rules.

  • mode changes: only one failure to change modes.

  • mobile app - at the beginning I was having bad problems with the failure to load smartapps and the fatal error when tapping the back button. The failure to load error cleared up pretty quickly and the fatal error seems to have been fixed as of yesterday.

  • presence sensors afu. But that was the case before the meltdown. I cleared up all of those issues by going completely away from SHM and using life360 and rule machine.

The majority of all of this was in the first 10 days of the meltdown.

Over the past week I have not had any of the above problems. Every device and automation setup with ST has been operating (on the surface) as I have intended them to.

At this moment, and over the past week, a general consumer with no previous knowledge of smartthings, could walk through my house and experience my home automations without a glitch. All of my timed and motion activated automations have been working as intended for the past ten days.

The above is how I have come to my perceived reliability rating of 99%.

Now, let’s look at this as the anal retentive techno geek that I am.

Current problems:

  • actions reporting an overly excessive number of times when actions occur. This could be contributing to system lag as well a server flooding.
  • Alexa giving error tone for commands that have worked for months. This gets worse as Amazon adds more integrations, but has been prevelant since the addition of direct thermostat control.
  • cloud lag causing delays for triggered responces. Bulbs taking more than one second to respond to commands.

Those are honestly the only issues I’m currently experiencing.

My system has over 100 physical devices, 68 rules in rule machine, 24 rules in smart lighting, 6 rules in Alexa helper, four installs of button controller, and some other minor stuff.

So, as a non technical consumer experiencing my exact scenario - this thing is awesome.
As a techno geek experiencing this exact scenario - It’s a sinking stinking turd.


I love the detail!

I took a number of weeks off from SmartThings. The pace at which RM was changing was staggering and I had, at the point I took a break, a working system - but not anywhere near what I consider to be 99%. But good enough. I had achieved a stable point in that I knew what to expect.

Examples of things that have been broken since the beginning and are still broke:

  1. SHM does not arm / disarm reliably. ST acknowledges this and says they will notify me when fixed. Since at least 1/22.
  2. SHM does not trigger sirens when it is properly configured to do so upon an intrusion. Acknowledged and will notify when fixed. Since at least December.

Examples of things that broken while I was on ‘Break’:

  1. For 4 plus days, when I tried to access ‘Things’ from the ST App I would get an error. As of now, this is working! Yea!
  2. Rule to turn on thermostats when a less than 40 degree situation occurred lost it’s ‘triggers/conditions’ and forced my HVAC in to heat mode no matter what I set it to. (This is what brought me back from break, it’s getting warm in my part of the country and I had to hunt down and fix this issue).
  3. My bed fan has turned off between 4-5 am twice this week, for an unknown reason. I have not discovered why just yet.

I think the SHM stuff for a true ‘consumer’ type that buys ST because it is a professionally monitored (ADT/Scout) security system is demonstrative of a broken system. Does not work as advertised. The broken bits are acknowledged, but there doesn’t seem to be any sense of urgency or concern to address this or things like this.

I think a true consumer - think the bozo that walks in to Best Buy and buys one - is going to be a crap shoot of whether they love it or hate it off the bat. It’s highly dependent on how they initially use it and what state ST is in at that time. Worse, the longer they use it - the higher the chance that they will run into similar issues - either because they add more functions, or we have a meltdown of which several have occurred. Then, the representative Best Buy consumer is going to perceive it to be a ‘piece of junk’ - as they don’t care, don’t want to care why it doesn’t work or how they can resolve it, they just expect it to work like their previous ADT alarm panel does or like their Samsung flat screen does. If it doesn’t… piece of junk.

Anyway, for me, I can push through most of this stuff. But I don’t want to commit to forever having to go back and resolving little issues that come up that I have no control over and die a death of a thousand cuts.

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For some reason some people got a different version on the last Android update. Now I’m one of them. And I have the same issue. If you slide the tray over from the right and you see that it says contacts then you have the same version I have. If that’s the case click on contacts and set up your email and then go back into your apps that aren’t pushing and you should be good. From what support told me it is a function that is coming out in the future but no one should have yet. Somehow people do.

Contacts showed up once, days ago, and then disappeared. It hasn’t reappeared since. I’ve seen discussion about “my contacts” showing up, but didn’t know it related to app push notifications.

Edit: I followed this thread to “import contacts” in the IDE My Contacts - is it back? and now “My Contacts” shows up in the app. No idea if that’s a good thing, but I guess I’ll find out.

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Report the echo failures to Amazon.

Amazon should confirm that an update that they did on April 4 broke part of voice recognition in that echo is having trouble telling that some requests are for home automation rather than for music.

They are aware of the problem and are working on a fix.

In the meantime, any name which isn’t working can probably be fixed by adding the word “lights” to the end of it. The easiest way to do this is with a new temporary echo group. So if “Hallway” doesn’t work, make a new group for the same devices called “hallway lights.” That should work fine until they get the fix in.

If you open up a ticket, they will let you know once the fix is ready.

Everyone agrees that this is extremely annoying, but the good news is that they are working on it.

(there is a separate unrelated problem. If echo says that a SmartThings-controlled device is “not available” but the action requested is still performed, there is a timeout issue between SmartThings and Echo which appears to be on the ST side. That one should be reported to ST.)


Yeah, I’ve already submitted a trouble ticket to Amazon and they want me to call them, which I haven’t done yet.

I’ve tried work arounds, groups, renaming… All with very limited success.

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Try renaming with “lights” at the end. That should make sure it gets processed as a home automation request instead of a music request. Again, that’s just the temporary workaround until they get it fixed.

I’ll try that.

One problem I’ve had…

I have a call light for each kid. Alex’s alert, Justin’s alert, and Kris’s alert.

Alex’s and Justin’s work just fine with "turn on/off Justin’s/Alex’s alert.


Turn On Kris’s alert fails every time. But it will work for turn off.

This morning my garage door started in. Open garage door works great. Close garage door I get asked what I’m talking about… Lol.

But I will try adding lights to it tonight.

The only things I have Alexa control that aren’t lights is - (light is not in the name)

Kids alerts
Garage Door
Bed time

I think that’s it.