UPDATE: 2016 Samsung TV Smartthings Integration = BEWARE it's False Advertising - Update: Not anymore!

It doesn’t work that way.


J series is the 2015 model not 2016. I have the same.

If you want to control smartthings from your TV…get a droid dongle for it (install the smartthings app or use smarttiles) and a remote like this:

It works for me…and the TV doesn’t even have to be samsung.


I want the TV to be integrated with Smartthings so that I can receive notification on the TV, such as a Motion detection in the entrance, view my Smartthing camera etc… for the control of the TV itself, I have an Harmony Elite which does an excellent job at it !

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I get it…We interrupt today’s feature presentation with an emergency alert…someone has arrived at the front door! Kind of like the old days when you could get your TV to POP up Caller ID when the phone rang?

To all Samsung TV owners who bought a 2016 TV on the promise that it is connectable to Smartthings… Excellent news, some clever community users figured out how to connect 2016 LG TVs with the Smartthings Hub…

  • Samsung claimed that their TVs can be connected to Smartthings; wrong, that’s a lie, not implemented…
  • LG never claimed that their TVs can be connected to Smartthings, yet they are !!!

The solution is therefore simple, put your Samsung TV on ebay and get an LG one instead !
Problem solved!

I was interested in the LG TV in the first place as it can also be used as part of a wireless speaker network system when the TV is off! (nice feature). I only went to the Samsung TV solely because of the smartthings integration!

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If I’m not mistaken Samsung also promised a “free” SmartThings Extend usb adaptor to convert 2016 Samsung TV’s to a SmartThings hub. I bought a 2016 Samsung TV just for that… However no word on that too…

By the way I’m not in US, but still, there was no “just in US” warning when they advertised the free SmartThings extend…

Yep, the 2016 Kx series 7,8 & 9 can become a hub with the need of the extend, if you don’t already have a smartthings hub…
This is indeed a “beta” & invitation only & “America First” thing ! therefore the rest of the world just have to sit quietly and wait until Samsung decide to release, or not, the feature !!!

See my “car buying analogy” on this post. That best summarises our situation!

Any recommendations for a Android TV dongle that will interface with ST ?

I see you found our other thread about LG integrations. Just for the record you can get messages on your LG TV using the code below. The messages pop up in the right top corner for about 5 seconds and automatically clear.
lgtv.request(‘ssap://system.notifications/createToast’, {message: ‘[MSG_TEXT_HERE]!’});

Just curious have you tried connecting? K 7,8,9 series are currently (and have been for awhile) supported on v2 hubs.

I don’t have a K 7,8 or 9 but I very much doubt that they are connectable to smartthings…
On paper, spec, marketing material and Samsung videos, even demoed at CES 16, sure they are!
In reality, they are not!

In the UK (and likely anywhere else in the world apart perhaps for the US), the “Samsung TV” is not even listed as a Things in the smartthings app (latest Android v 2.2.7), therefore you can’t even add it as a “thing” to the smartthings hub (be it a K 6,7, 8 or 9 series)!
The K 7,8,9, according to the spec, can also be used as a Hub with the addition of a free Extend USB dongle…
this USB dongle is non-existant…
You may get lucky if you live in the US and have been invited to the Beta programme (how many of US TV K 7,8,9 owners did get one, I wonder?)
If you live in the rest of the world… bad luck, you bought a feature you can’t use in anyways!

As far as I know, all these 2016 Tvs, K 6,7,8,9 series have been connectable to smartthing on paper spec only… the reality, one year later, still has not materialised and this remains a false marketing claim since this is not implemented !!!

On the TV spec, it is written “Smartthing as a Thing:Yes” and “IoT client app:Yes”.
The Samsung Customer support told me last week that I should read the “Yes” with “Ready” instead as the feature as not yet been implemented and they don’t know when it will be, if ever!

My conclusion, I bought a TV with a feature that even Samsung don’t know if I will ever be able to use it! That’s false advertising, pretending to have features which are not implemented (yet, you still pay for it in the full price of the TV)!

As a hub is basically a no go BUT as a connected thing there are lots of threads talking about people getting it working without issue. Unfortunately I have a J series, although nicer and more expensive, it’s a 2015 model and can’t connect.

For a UK based person there are also lots of discussion that you most likely will never get TV based alerts because of UK based laws which would make it illegal. I’m no lawyer so I can’t even start to understand or argue the merit of those comments but worth at least passing on the discussion.

Yeah, most of the “successfully connected” users are most likely US based.
I am not a lawyer either, but I don’t buy the unlawful notification…
My old TV could display the Caller ID of my phone in the past and that was not against the law!
Would that also means that using twitter, facebook etc will also be unlawful? Receiving notification on my PC would be unlawful ? doesn’t make must sense to me… yet again I am no lawyer!

If anyone in the UK has managed to connect a 2016 KS 6 as a Thing to the Smartthing hub 2, I would gladly hear from them !!! that will be the end of my rant!
The Samsung customer support tells me it is not possible at present and I should keep a eye on the blog for an “official” announcement… Apparently, announcing and demoing at CES 2016 was not an official announcement !

I have that now, using Notifications for Android TV. My tv is a Bravia. The notifications hit my android control tablet, and that pops the notification over whatever is playing on the tv.

If you had been following the other threads actually dedicated to the Samsung TV integration & not just this P&M thread, it was posted a couple months ago about the doggel Beta test & how to apply to join and get the doggel.
I had a 1998 HP desktop with " fully upgradable, the last computer you’ll ever need to buy " all over the box & even on the case. Should I start a class action suite against HP for false advertising ?


We’ll. I am not going to relocate my family to the US to get access to a feature sold as working in the UK.
Did your 1998 PC had a part or functionality missing when you bought it? Is there anything written on the box that it didn’t do? Surely you could upgrade component in it (graphic card, ram, processor etc).

I am happy to accept that technology move on and needs to be upgraded, but not an incomplete product at purchase, compare to what is advertised…

I also have the Samsung TV (ES8000) which “can be upgraded for the next 5 years”. I am still waiting for the extension pack for each of the 5 years !!! Another great Samsung marketing promise…

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Great, so LG and Sony TV can display Smartthing notifications but not Samsung (who is the only one to have officially announced the feature) !!!

It’s one thing to advertise being “theoretically upgradable”, it’s another thing to promise a “free device”. By the way, I’m pretty sure that you can upgrade that 1998 HP desktop with new motherboard, CPU, RAM etc and still use it today. Desktop computer cases have not changed much, still old same ATX standard (since 1995). So there’s no false advertisement with that “fully upgradable” statement.

The beta you talk about is only in US and not in any other country. Samsung promised “every Samsung 2016 SUHD TV” will receive a “free SmartThings extend”. I don’t see it happening soon, so Samsung failed to deliver…

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Did they ever promise a date when the update would be available ? No, so once again this is just a P&M thread.