UK supported devices

Awesome - thanks Chris! I had no idea this had already been attempted.

I’ll get on this tomorrow.

Thanks again!

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UK Energy usage with costs current and total / current usage / predicted usage. usage in Watts and kWh.

I can see quite a few options for the US but info on UK support due to are voltages and frequency differences.



I’d love to see official support for the SwiidInter Cord Switch.

It kind of works in ST as a generic “Z-Wave Switch”. However, it does not report its current status by default. In order for the switch to report its status, it has to be set to Association Group 2.

There is some basic information on the manufacturer website.
The user manual:
Advanced settings:

I have a bunch of table lamps that I would love to use these with.

I would also love to see support for the Heatit Thermostat

I have electric underfloor heating in my kitchen and bathroom and I would love to have more control over it.


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I managed to hook my UK smart meters into ST. Unfortunately this integration relied on an OVO energy smart gateway that is no longer being provided until sometime later this year.

I have my Current Cost power usage tracker working via a USB/serial cable and a Linux box, I reckon I could build the whole thing into a Pi Zero for peanuts.

@Andy_Godber @BristolBaz @tjsmithuk
Have any of you got this to work?
I have a Greenwave 6 gang version, and I only have on/off for the whole device.

It would be great to be able to turn each plug on/off independently.

If there isn’t a proper device handler yet for Smartthings, what’s your current work around @tjsmithuk? I can’t find this “Aeon Power Strip” in the listed devices when I click edit.

Any help, greatly appreciated.

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I bought one of these and can turn it on ok but cannot turn it off through the app. Manually on the switch is OK.
I am a UK user with a v2 hub.
Any ideas anybody.

I don’t have the power meter type but have the Popp plug in dimmer (123603), and Popp plug in on/off switch (123634). I can confirm that both are working for me (the dimmer needed a bit of custom code to allow setting of parameters)

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Hi Tyler,

Support for the following would be much appreciated.

Popp Solar Siren:

Phylio Smart Button:

I know other people have also bought these and have struggled to get them working properly.


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Did you find a Nest thermostats device that doesn’t have the cooling bits like the one I found or did you hack that code out of the device type?

+1 on support for the Philio Smart Button:

I know there is unofficial support, but it’s not in the marketplace (U.K.) yet?

Yes, we’re beginning to offer full support for the OSRAM products in Europe and the UK. They should all pair correctly now, though our support site isn’t yet loaded with manuals/troubleshooting material.

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Thanks Tyler,
Is the Osram plug (socket) also included?
I know the community created some support, but official would be nice!

(Thanks for your quick response btw!)

Thanks Tyler,
Just included a Osram plug.
It’s not recognized as Osram, but as thing.
I changed it to zigbee switch and works perfectly.
The community device did not, it did not return the status.

any available switch works with smartthings (UK size) yet???

UK supported devices are following list:-

  1. Acer
  2. Blackberry
  3. Doro
  4. Alcatel
  5. Apple
  6. Google
  7. Home
  8. Lenovo
  9. Microsoft
  10. Nokia
  11. Razer
  12. Samsung
  13. ZTE
  14. Sony
  15. Sony Ericsson.

its devices supported in uk.

Not quite what @Khaled_Qari was after I don’t think! That appears to be the list of devices supported by the ‘3’ mobile phone network in the UK. Found by Googling “UK supported devices” and picking the first link! here

As for available switches that are ST compatible and work with/fit UK sizing and installations, not found any yet. We’re still stuck with the ‘in wall/behind switch’ units for now. :frowning:

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Lightwave RF are the only ones I know of, and not directly compatible with ST but can be made to work (e.g. using IFTTT).

You could also use a relay module, the Fibaro 232 for instance, in a double switch.

However, I wouldn’t bother in all honesty unless you have a good reason. There are power limitations that need to be considered each time you need to plug something in, and you will spend a small fortune kitting out your house.

Stick with either smart appliances or pocket sockets which are compatible with ST.

Keep relays and dimmers for the lights.

You can also use LWRF with a Linux setup to push the commands around and works with ST.
Thread here.