Two Window AC units

Before, I try to create an app for my unique situation, I figured I would ask to see if someone already has an app or code I could use.

I live in a house built in 1910. We had all new electrical and plumbing put in when we moved in. On the 3rd floor though the breaker is only 15 amps. As we learned this winter, heat does not keep well on this floor and the furnace has trouble pushing this far up. We used a small plug in heater for the winter but we were unable to plug in two unit (one for each room) as it would draw too much and trip the breaker. We put the heater in the windowless hallway between the bedrooms and it worked just fine. As are approaching Spring, I expect to have to put window AC units in each room. Problem is, running two units at the same time will trip the breaker (like the heater problem).

I am thinking someone has had this issue before and created a SmartApp to control two heavy duty switches from temp sendors in the rooms. This would be a similar setup to the SmartApp, Vertual Thermostat. The app would set desired temp from a calendar (like BASIC 5-2 DAY PROGRAMMABLE THERMOSTAT SCHEDULER). Here is the kicker. The app would need to prevent both switches from being on at the same time.

Thanks for the help.

Webcore should be able to do this easily. As you know, you will need one smart switch and one temp sensor in each room, but webcore can create a stacked conditional that tracks the status of each.

How do your window units work? Do they come on when power is applied to them or do they require you to hit a button on them? Also, cutting power to an AC unit is VERY bad. If you read your manual it will tell you to never just pull the plug…that could fry your compressor.

If you get units that use IR remotes, you could control them with Broadlink RM Pro but you’d need a unit for each room…very expensive solution.

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There are quite a few ways to control air-conditioners these days, it just depends on the specific model. Broadlink is definitely one, But there’s also a Z wave device from remotec which integrates well with smartthings and a couple of other options as well.

I think you’ll still need Webcore to handle the stacked conditional, though, no matter what control device you end up with. :sunglasses:

In general as long as you leave the unit off for a little while before cycling it back on (10 min?) you really shouldn’t have any damage. The refrigerant should equalize itself back out. I’m in no way is recommending it, I’m just saying it should be okay as long as you’re not cycling things on and off in a very short period of time.