Tweaking InfluxDBLogger smartapp code help

First sorry if this is the wrong group for this.

I’ve been using the influxdblogger and grafana for years to graph and track various stats. I’ve been meaning to fix my thermostatOperatingState so it reflects AC running and not heat but never got around to it.

Here’s the code where it happens, just not sure what the syntax is to add more values. I’m guessing I need to do something with line 4 in the block below.

    else if ('thermostatOperatingState' == { // thermostatOperatingState: Calculate a binary value (heating = 1, <any other value> = 0)
    unit = 'thermostatOperatingState'
    value = '"' + value + '"'
    valueBinary = ('heating' == evt.value) ? '1i' : '0i'
    data += ",unit=${unit} value=${value},valueBinary=${valueBinary}"