Turn on/off smart light bulb when physically off?


I just installed a Cree connected light bulb. I turn it on/off with Google home and it works just fine, but if someone turns the switch off physically, i can no longer control it.

I installed it for when my boy goes to the bathroom we can google it open, but it’s annoying if we can’t control it directly from the switch. Any workaround?

Thank you

There are number of ways to address this. See the FAQ (this is a clickable link)

Easiest is to put a smart switch cover over the existing switch. That way the bulb will always have power so it can hear the next “on” command but there is still a Switch on the wall to use. But there are other options as well, so read the FAQ. :sunglasses:

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So instead of getting connected bulbs, i should get smart light switches that control regular bulbs. They are the same price anyway.

I thought i could still control them by voice even when turned off :frowning:

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Yes, smart switches will work better than smart bulbs for most people.

The primary reasons for getting smart bulbs are because you’re renting and are not allowed to change out the switches, because you really want the color changing ability, or because you want to create zone lighting in an area where there is only one wall switch.

If none of those apply to you, a smart switch will work better for most situations.


These bulbs aren’t self powered or battery powered. They need power to turn on or off. So if the switch is powered off…

If you need a light that doesn’t screw into a socket that requires power, maybe look at getting a Hue Go that plugs into the wall. Just make sure that you don’t plug it into an outlet that can be switched off or you will run into the same problem. Just another thought.

A good switch is a taped switch :joy:

Left one drives a smart bulb, right one normal stuff


The aesthetics are outstanding!

Haven’t found one just like that at Lowe’s yet. The matching color of the tape and the wall plate is fantastic.



Bought a six pack because I’m not good with a roll of tape.:grinning:
Magnetic Switch & Outlett Cover for Toggle Switches https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002X88GYY/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_aEGlAbHJGPP3G