Trying to use 2 phones a pressense sensors

My wife an dI both have the same android phone. I havebeen trying to get the phones to work as presence sensors but for some reason, my wife’s phone doesn’t correctly detect her presence at home. It almost alwasys indicates she is home when I know the phone is away from home. I have browsed through all of the settings but can’t seem to locate a difference

Does she use her own account to login or did you login with your account?

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she has her own account and log in

Both of you are using the SmartThings classic app?

both of us are using classic.

Did it ever work right? Maybe you just need to delete her presence and re-add. What OS are you on? My daughter has Android 9 and it basically didn’t work at all. Would work for like an hour or two then get stuck however it was. Support told me Android 9 is not supported yet. . .although I feel like it was more than that.

Is ST set to not be optimized and you have allowed the location permission?