Trying to find a correct device for temperature monitoring

Trying to wire a probe to a temperature control zigbee device to monitor the inside of a freezer and conserve battery life since the device will be on the outside of freezer all while on battery power. I found a device that was what I’m looking for online but couldnt find a way to buy it. Anyone have any ideas of what I could do or anywhere I could find a place to buy something along the lines of what I’m looking for

Yeah, Climax technologies devices are hard to find for individual sale. :disappointed_relieved:

What country are you in? Does it have to be Zigbee? I think most people use zwave for this purpose but the device selection does vary by region.

See the following for discussion of the Z wave options:

Temperature sensor with 2 meter wire

Climax makes a few Zigbee stuff that I would love to get my hands on, but I’ve tried many channels on getting a hold of these, and all failed. These guys don’t sell to individuals, so you’d have to find a distributor (here or overseas) willing to get one to you. I keep trying all the time, and I hope that some day I’ll get a hold of a few of their things.

I’m currently using Iris open/close sensors inside my freezers, both their gen 2 and gen 3 devices. Unfortunately the only place to find these are on eBay, but they’re there. I have 3 freezers and these devices have survived a few years now, and I’ve only replaced the batteries once in that time frame.

Thanks for the feedback. That’s kind of what I was afraid of. I was hoping someone maybe messed around with wiring something up theirselves. I dont even knowing it’s even possible but it might be fun to look into one day. That temperature sensor looks really close to the Irish door sensor so I wasnt really sure but thanks for the quick response

Did you look at the link I posted? There are lots of people using probe sensors, but the connecting device is Z wave, not Zigbee, so I don’t know if that works for you.

Yes I looked. It dosnt matter if its zwave or zigbee to me only if it is battery powered also. Looking for something small and less intrusive to the eye and could be easily put on another fridge or freezer just as quickly as a door sensor.

Something like this. I’m learning still on the smarthings ide and process but if I changed the device handler the connected device to something along the line of a zwave thermostat would it pick up only the temperature sensor of this device. Not trying to sound stupid but just curious on how these devices are read and seen within smartthings