Trust ZPIR-8000 Zigbee motion sensor— works with smartthings?

I’m trying to integrate a motion detector form the brand Trust. Type ZPIR-8000.
It’s a nice small sensor and works with 2 triple A battery’s.
In my device list it was first a THING. After login into the cloud i would change that THING manually into motion detector. But it doesn’t work fine.

I would like if there is a motion, my lights go ON. And when there is no motion the lights go OFF after 5 minutes.
But i can jump, run, and wave to the sensor, but the lights (works with a zigbee Osram wall plug) doesn’t go ON.

That is a ZLL device, like the Hue motion sensor, not a ZHA device Like the zigbee motion sensor device type handler. So it will probably need custom code to work.

Hopefully someone who either has this device or is interested in it will see your thread and respond.

Okay, But the manual say’s it’s compatibel with “other ZigBee certified systems such as Philips Hue and Osram Lightify”
And my Lightify wall plug works fine!

I’d try the following DTH. Hopefully it will work for you. If it does you can modify it to remove luminance.

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Zigbee devices have individual “fingerprints,” and if the system hasn’t seen the one for your device before, it won’t know which device type handler to use for it. So they are “compatible” but still might require extra work to get them integrated.

The first question is exactly which motion sensor DTH did you try to use? There are several available.

That’s why @jhamstead is suggesting that you start by trying the custom code that has already been developed for a different but similar motion sensor, the one from Hue, to see if your trust device will work using that custom code. You won’t know until you try.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward: basically you were just going to copy the author’s code and paste it into your own account. Then you will edit the system entry for your Motion sensor to use that new code.

Here’s the FAQ for that process:

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Hi there,
I am fully new about this material. I am electrician and programmer. But programmer of Siemens logic PLC’s.
Thats totally different than zigbee programming.
I have try a couple of suggestions and my sensor doesn’t work oke.
What can i do step by step to fix this problem?

First i put the sensor into pairing mode, and search with the smart app on my iphone to THINGS.
After a couple of seconds he found a THING and i push the button DONE.
I my online account i see the new THING with the name THING. Also into the app.
And than…

did anyone get this to work?