Trust offers Zigbee Products / ZYCT-202 Remote

I came across a new smarthome product line up from the company “Trust” (CoCo) which is/was quite big in selling 433Mhz components. They now offer smarthome devices which run on Zigbee:
And one of them I find really interesting, because I saw the 433Mhz one a while ago and couldn’t find something similar for smartthings 2 weeks ago: the “remote” ZYCT-202. It looks a bit similar to the Hue one, but actually lets you switch between groups so you can control several lamps with this, what I find really neat. Now, I know this sounds a bit like advertisement for the company (and it might be so!), but to be honest I am a little selfish and just hope somebody is as interessted as I am and maybe already a little bit more familiar with creating device handlers if necessary… :innocent:

That looks great. I wish they sold to the US. It’s about the same price as the Hue dimmer too.

Okay, I got mine and paired it today. It works!
Trust posted a step by step tutorial on to connect the remote with a Hue Hub, I found that it differs with the ST hub, so this is my version:

  1. Take the following steps on the ZYCT-202 Remote
    a. Hold the remote within 2 meters of the Hue bridge

b. Press & hold the Smart Group button (button with 2 bulbs).
First the LEDs of channels 1, 3 and 5 will blink

c. quickly hit “add a thing” in your ST app, but keep on holding the Smart Group button though until all LEDs blink once. Then release the button. (Seriously, when starting the add a thing process before holding the smart group button never gave me all LEDs to flash at once!)

c. The ZYCT-202 remote is now authorised to operate the bulbs. You can connect bulbs now via Touchlink, they will not dissapear from the app anymore.

Note: The confirmation of the pairing is done with the channel LEDs on the remote, the App does not show a confirmation and the remote will not appear in the App. Not even a “thing” will be found!

Note 2: Only works if the ZYCT-202 has not been paired before with another device.
If the ZYCT-202 was paired before, reset it first: hold the OFF button on the remote for 10 seconds, until all LEDs will light up to confirm reset.

With this the remote works with ST and Ikea Tradfri bulbs just fine.

Okay. Unfortunately, I have to limit my recommendation for this device! Trust (falsly) advertises that the remote works with Philips Hue (and thus other systems as well). It indeed does work, but you are only able to pair one remote for your entire setup, which ruins the entire product for me. After pairing one remote with ST, the next one adopts the groups of the first remote. This means that you are limited to just 5 groups for your entire setup and what is worse: you basically cannot use one remote for each room, because the “all groups on/off” function then triggers the lights in a room which you don’t want to control.

Maybe this problem could be solved with a device handler. I guess this will be a bigger project though, because the remote is not even showing up as a “thing” when pairing it to ST.


So, there is no way to make this work with smartthings, right?

I bought and returned one of these, wasn’t recognised by ST at all. It seems to act as a hub rather than a thing and is designed to have zigbee devices connected directly to it.

The instructions were woeful, was extremely complex to put into programming mode, and even the magnets for holding it on a hue wall mount were in the wrong place so it was actually repelled away from the holder!

Shame as this looks like a great device on the face of it…