TP-link Deco M9 Plus vs X50 vs P9 (2022)

Need an upgrade of our WiFi network. Considering TP-link Deco X50 AX3000 or Deco M9 Plus Ac2200. The latter has Zigbee. But if I already have an Aeotec Smart Home Hub, I don’t really need that? Then it’s better to go for the X50? Or the P9?

I’m confused. Just need the best that works well with the SmartThings hub. :slight_smile:

Correct that the Zigbee profile that SmartThings uses only allows for one primary controller, which will be your smartthings hub, so you wouldn’t use the Zigbee radio in a router with SmartThings.

As far as what’s best to use with smartthings, pretty much any good router that suits your other needs will work fine.

Tom’s guide has some good advice articles. They are particularly good at separating recommendations by budget category, which can be helpful. They also help you understand the value of different features and don’t assume that you already know all the technical terminology.

I personally like small net builder as a resource, but it is more technical and doesn’t explain the reasons for the recommendations in as much depth as Tom’s guide does.


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If you’re in the market for a new wifi router, i’d go ahead and get one that supports the latest wifi 6E standard. In the Deco family that’s the XE75. It’s what I use and it works great.

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Ok, I haven’t had any Wifi 6 router even, so not sure Wii 6e is necessary at this point. I suppose X50 would be fine for now.

I guess it depends how often you buy a new wifi router. Either way, if you don’t have ethernet run in your home to connect to each satellite, i’d at least look for a tri-band model.

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Another option, currently also on sale, is Google Nest Wifi. It has the additional advantage of adding the two access points as speakers. Great for son’s room for example. Although Google doesn’t seem to like SmartThings…as in playing notifications triggered by time or sensors.

Google Nest Wifi doesn’t have Wifi 5. But in terms of smart home solutions, is it that important?

Nest Wifi also has Thread built in that will support Matter in the future. There is a rumor that Google will be releasing a new model this year, which could be why the current model is on sale.

The current model supports wifi 5, but not wifi 6 or 6E. IMO wifi 6 would be on my required list when shopping for a wifi router in 2022, preferably wifi 6E

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