Torn between the Vera 3 and Smartthings

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to decide which hub to buy, Seems like the smartthings hub is more robust in features but the cloud Environment for some is big let down in that if your internet is down your home automation solution is completely bunk. I need some suggestions on which to get and being so that both products are very popular and me being aware that im asking this question within this community, unbiased responses is what im looking for.

Thanks in advance

This is a unrealistic request as every member has their own bias. If you not comfortable in the cloud, then SmartThings is not for you.[quote=“Joshua_hill, post:1, topic:30330”]
your internet is down your home automation solution is completely bunk.
If you spend some time reading through the forums you will see this is not entirely true.

Both SmartThings and Vera have extensive forums I’d recommend I’d recommend reading through both. I know there are several threads about Vera users comming over to SmartThings and I’m sure the Vera forums have SmartThings converts as well.

This should get you started:

Amazon customer feedback (133 reports) is 3.2 out of 5 stars for the Mi Casa Verde 3 whereas Amazon customers (214 reports) rated SmartThings V2 3.6 out of 5 stars. It seems to me that both systems have some major issues and no clear winner!


Being completely, totally unbiased,

I think you should get a dog. They are great. Absolutely no dependence on internet.

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(Not my dog, but he knows this task also. :wink:)