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Interested in sharing and learning about projects where users have used smart-things to increase efficiency and awareness throughout their house and beyond. The projects that I’m mostly interested in are those that save time, for instance how many times have you came in the kitchen to wonder if the dishwasher was clean or dirty. Yes you could open the dishwasher and inspect but why do that when your house can tell you. Now I understand that newer dishwasher may do this automatically but my intention is to share one of the many projects that I’ve put together to see if there is interest and if so I’ll share others and hopefully others will share theirs too and we can all learn and grow together.

Dishwasher clean notifier

Sensors required:
Open/close with temperature measurement
Motion sensor with temperature measurement

ady624 : webCoRE
KeyBounce : Remote LANdroid Alerter

Other devices:
A smart light bulb/switch
A tablet/phone
Speaker to plug in to tablet

Sensor Placement:
The open/close/temperature sensor is placed on the dishwasher close to the location where the dishwasher vents heat and where the open close function will work.
The motion sensor is placed in a location where motion will be detected when an occupant enters the room where the dishwasher is located

Webcore code description:
When the dishwasher is closed and the temperature of the open close sensor is above 85 degrees set a variable @dishwasher = active

Then when the dishwasher open close sensor drops below 85 degrees set the variable @dishwasher = clean

IF motion is detected in the kitchen and @dishwasher = clean

THEN: Flash a single light bulb in the kitchen 3 times a visual indicator of the status of the dishwasher
Make an announcement using LANdroid Alerter using the tablet/phone and connected speaker to notify the occupant of the status of the dishwasher

IF the dishwasher is open for more than 3 minutes

THEN: Make an announcement thanking the occupant for unloading the dishwasher
Set @dishwasher = empty

Optional (fun) additions:
Make the message and the number of lights involved (single bulb vs all lights in kitchen) dependent on the amount of times the dishwasher announcement has been made. As the count goes up, the message gets increasingly snarky and the amount of lights involved increases.

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It’s an interesting question! You might want to also check the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki, look in the project report section, and look on the “alerts and notifications” list. There are a bunch of projects of this type there. :sunglasses:


For me personally, since I am quadriparetic, many of my home automation use cases are about saving time. For example, it takes me about 10 minutes to open my front door manually. Once I added a smart lock I can do it by voice nearly instantaneously. But obviously that’s because of my own situation, not something that would apply to most people.

Thank you JDRoberts! Browsing through your recommendation now. Yes, for me it’s all about saving seconds because seconds add up and the intent is to find others who are doing the same. This is the first time I’m participated on an online automation forum because over the last two years, I’ve determined that I’m on the leading edge when it comes to automation in my circle of friends. Now I"m sure that in the world of automation users, I’ve probably only scratched the surface. Thank you for the recommendation!

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If you want to see some really cool projects, look in the project report section on the “impress your friends” list. Some very creative stuff there! :sunglasses:


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