This is where I really miss WebCore (calendar announcements)

My garbage/recycling alerts are working, somewhat. There are gaps.

The Webcore piston was based around calculations that were based on the rules that govern holidays. For example, MLK day which just passed is the second Monday of January. And July 4 is observed on the 3rd or 5th sometimes, depending on how it falls on a weekend. Etc. All that can be calculated, so you don’t need a calendar.

So my piston alerted me at 7pm the evening prior, and then at 6:15am the day of, a particular refuse cycle. But if there was no one home at 7pm the evening prior, the piston would wait until 30 seconds after the front door opened to make the announcement. The holiday calculations were so that it would not alert me on or before those holidays.

I wonder when AI will be able to start writing json? lol

Get a Hubitat hub, use one of the two Edge drivers to link the systems… install webcore on Hubitat and WA LA… you should be good!


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Less elegant but also far less work: I created a new Google calendar specifically for the purpose and linked it to Alexa. Set up everything recurring weekly, then went to the end of 2026 deleting the days where I do not want the alert.

Will address it at a programming level at a later date. Maybe.


You can also use sharptools rule engine linked with Smartthings. I was able to tranfer all of my webcore pistons. There was a learning curve as the logic is slightly different. You’d need the paid version which includes variables and expressions.


Config complete. One followup, learned from testing just now: if your calendar events are not being announced by Alexa, unlink your Google account. Then re-link it. That re-establishes the announcements.

hi in smartghings app try companion apps calendar it uses the phones calendar , well on android it does , and can be played on smart speakers etc

What app is this? Is it the Samsung calendar app on Samsung phones? I cannot find any app in the Smartthings app, nor does it integrate with my Pixel’s calendar.

hi in the smartthings app got to menu tab at the bottom and companion apps.


The companion apps feature is indeed a Samsung Galaxy only thing.

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thanks i just asumed everyone would have it

Thanks. Must be a region or version difference because I don’t have the Companion Apps choice. I just have the other three. I’ll keep an eye out. I’m in the USA on version

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