This is awesome! Power is Out based on state of v1 Motion Sensor

I’ve got the V1 motion sensor with 120v and have not been successful in getting this app to work.

When my power goes out and comes back on all my G.E. bulbs come on and the app tied to the sensir just doesn’t cut them off.

I never did troubleshoot why as there has been too many other things to fix lately.

Do you at least get a notification?

No sir


Is this still true?..if so that’s why it doesn’t work for me.

To be fair, I’m not sure I’ve applied the app / logic correctly in that I do not have a ham bridge.

I’ve got a V1 motion sensor and have my lights set to cut off on power restore.

I’ll follow up here with some screen shots.

This hasn’t worked for me in some time. The power flickered the other night and my bedroom lights all turned on. I waited for Alexa to boot back up and told her to turn them back off.

Fancy! :smile:

What if it happens while you’re gone though? I’ve only had that happen once, but still, seems silly there isn’t an easy solve.

I’d like to know if this app could be retrofitted to work with an Aeon Labs Home Energy Monitor (v1) device since it has battery power and hard wired power. I have my modem/router/smartthings hub on UPS, so I would be able to still get the notifications. See here:

Maybe I will try my hand at it by modifying this somewhat old smartapp. I’m just not sure if the same events (powerSource.battery and powerSource.powered) are the same for the HEM v1… but maybe I can find some similar events in documentation?

I just tested here and it’s broken. What do you want to bet someone at SmartThings removed the powerSource event from the default deviceType!? If that turns out to be the case, it is pretty distressing to hear that operational aspects of SmartThings own legacy devices are so quickly (and silently) wiped of the surface of the planet.

Actually, my v1 motion sensor is still linked to the correct ‘SmartSense Motion’ deviceType… the event is just not being sent anymore.

So… off to support I go.

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I just submitted a support ticket also. I will be extremely disappointed if this functionality has been deprecated. I specifically bought a V1 motion detector for use with the power alert app (slightly modified).

Me too!

…and the kicker? won’t believe this! Guess what happened today while on my way to my moms house in route to home?..yep! power went out!

Came home 2 hours later to most every light in the house was on and I had to reconnect 2 of my link bulbs.

Support contacted back pretty quickly. What I did was to create a new device type from template, using the second SmartSense Motion from the code library. When I switched the type to that device type and unplugged the power, I got the alert for both power out and power restored.

So I don’t think the problem is in the platform.

[Edit] - Just switched the type back to the second SmartSense Motion, (which is supposedly what it was), and it worked again. So maybe we just have to update the device types?

There are three device types in the templates… two named SmartSense motion (which are identical), and one named SmartSense motion sensor (which is for the new one with temp sensor).

Unfortunately, creating a new deviceType means no local operation on v2 hubs, but I have yet to have anything running locally so I guess it is what it is.

But I still don’t understand why a new deviceType with the exact same code as the existing one is necessary to get it working again.

More SmartThings gremlins and voodoo I guess.

So create a new device type from code pasting the code from the current V1 device type code and then apply that?..makes no sense to me but I’ll give it a whirl

It is indeed an issue with the platform as it occasionally needs a kick in the ass to run code it already knows it should be running. This is akin to the issue where stalled smartapps need to be edited to re-instantiate there proper operation.

I tried reassigning the deviceType to the other identical one, and back… no good. Guessing it indeed requires a new deviceType be instantiated (which I’ll try tomorrow).


Removed my V1 motion sensor from ST and added it back. When plugging the 120v back in sure enough it worked.

I still have the question concerning if power is killed to the hub and to my router on V1 hub. If that happens will this still work or no? It would seem that the router and Hub would still be rebooting and therefore would not receive the command from the V1 motion sensor.

No. Consider a UPS for these: even a modest one will run them for several hours.

Or put that money towards a V2 hub?

Suggestions on units?

You still need to keep your internet up.

Over the years I have found the APC units to be the most reliable. I like the ‘back-UPS’ models and have an XS-1000 on my low voltage board (modem, router, switch, HUE bridge, Obi phone) which gets me about 4-5 hours. I have an XS-1300 on my server which gets me about 4 hours. Longer than that and I drag out the generator.

You can occasionally find these on sale at BB, Staples, Office Max/Depot for not much more than a hundred dollars.

Well, in the use case of G.E. bulbs that (if controlled through the new lighting app which runs locally w/ V2 hub) all come on like Chevy Chase plugging in the extension cord on Christmas Vacation…you would not need internet because you don’t need the cloud…correct?