Thinking of buying, are my very basic ideas possible? (UK)

Are you in the US or the UK? The selection of devices available is different. From the description, I would guess that you’re in the UK?

Since this is a recent remodel, do you know if you have a neutral at the switch? (That would be a “three wire” set up rather then the more common “two wire”.) That also significantly changes the Device options.

As far as the lighting goes, that should definitely be doable. If you are in the UK, see the following thread:

if I guessed wrong on the region, here’s a similar thread for the US. ( it also has a discussion of motion sensors which would apply to both regions. It’s light switches where there is the most variation because so few UK homes have the third wire required by many networked switches.)

As for the television, at present the simplest integration in both the US and the UK is to use a Logitech Harmony Hub as the go-between from the SmartThings system to the home entertainment devices. If you have that, then you have many more options for television control.

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