Thermostat Temperature History for more than one week?

Is there a way to get an older history than one week for the temperature settings. I am looking to show renters had increased the temperature over 80 degrees and left the windows open in the house. As wel as they said the temperature was not working, but they stayed over 2 weeks ago.

Don’t think there’s anything after the fact.

But to be armed with data in the future you might want to look into this

They are only showing a week history on the history button::frowning: thanks

You can also use IFTTT to log to a google sheet. I’m surprised you don’t automate the heating to shut off when doors and windows are open.

Understood. But if you set up a logging tool, you’ll be ready the next time something similar happens.

Not sure if IFTT is still working or not, but @TAustin has also developed a Google sheet Edge driver. It requires the Edgebridge/proxy since hubs are limited to local LAN communications.