Thermostat Mode Director - Door Setting Issue

I am looking for a SmartApp that will set the Thermostat to Heat or Cool based on my outdoor weather station temperature. I have tried using Thermostat Mode Director from the Marketplace and it works well for setting heat/cool but it requires me to add a door to turn off the thermostat when left open. This would be fine but the door part doesn’t always work correctly. I have the door delay set to 15 min and sometimes it will turn off the thermostat within seconds of opening the door and sometimes will not turn it off for over an hour. What are others using? Any ideas how to fix the one in the market place?

@slagle may have a better idea. But I suggest giving this version a try…It’s based on the Thermostat Mode Director with some added perks. If you don’t use the boost and/or neutral you might find this version better for what you need.

Hello Bobby, Thanks for the quick reply. I installed the ZWave Thermostat Manager last night and its not working to set the cool/heat. It’s that time of year where the nights are getting down to the 30s and daytime is 60-75 so this would be great to get working. :smiley: . Let me know if you have any other ideas.

The best way would be if you can post some live logs from ide. It’s hard to troubleshoot without seeimg what is going on.


If you want to do the outdoor threshold’s change mode logic and more, just look at

It’s a fully zoned Heating/Cooling solution which works with any ST connected thermostat. You can use smart vents or not to create physical/virtual zones inside your home.

You can control also room thermostats (for fireplace, basement, etc.) as well based on your main thermostat’s settings.

If you have ask Alexa, it can send verbal messages to Alexa for any major event (customizable).

Another smartapp can take care of your door/window contacts:


I have been trying to get the live logs but I can’t get the issue to happen on demand. Do I just need to leave the logging run for a few days and hope I can catch the issue in action? My current setting is to have the Thermostat turn off if the door is open for 15 min. Tonight as I opened the door I got the notification that the thermostat was turned off. It didnt turn back on until I opened and closed the door again. I checked the open/close sensor history and its not getting stuck, it matches with how many times I opened and closed the door. I will plan tomorrow to just open and close the door over and over to see if I can get it to do it while I am logging.

That’s exactly how I have one of my thermostats set, to turn off after 15. It will tun back on instantly to previous settings if you manually enable it in the app. It should also turn back on based on the min/max temperature settings. I’ll tell you what. Send me a PM when you have 5-10 min available and we can look together what’s going on. Would that work?

David and others interested. I have added detail debugging logs. Please make sure you grab the updated app from here…

To enable the live logging go to ‘Other Settings’ then click enable debug… to show main settings in Live Logging and/or enable info to show actions.

Lastly, I have checked the disable function in every which way and it works for me. Below is an example of the race condition that could happen by enabling to restore settings after the door was closed. As shown in Live Logging, the mode before disable was heat, which was reset accordingly when the door closed, but based on current temperature settings, it should have been cooling, so it changed again to cool within milisenconds) …