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The new Amazon Echo Auto

(JIm) #21

I just received my Echo Auto. Got it set up ok. Now I want to also pair it to my wifes phone. But can’t seem to figure out how to do that. I have searched the help and it says it can be done, but doesn’t say how.

Does anyone here have any ideas?

(jkp) #22

You may want to contact Amazon support :slight_smile:

(JIm) #23

Well, apparently it can’t be done. I contacted support and that is what they said. So when my wife drives the car she is out of luck. I know that will make her happy…:frowning:

(MarkTr) #24

Weird - when I Googled it (because that sounded like misinformed / undertrained support), the search preview implied that you could, but I couldn’t find it on the live help page. Here’s what the cached version says - seems worth a try.


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(JIm) #25

You found more than I did. I will try the 8 second thing. But I’m wondering if that then disconnects my phone…

(JIm) #26

That worked. It will now connect to either phone. If I read correctly if both phones are there it will connect to the one last connected to.

Apparently the support guy didn’t know much. Thank you for finding that instruction.

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(MarkTr) #27

That’s how every BT device in my orbit works, so it was surprising that something with an obvious application to multiple devices would be so limited. Glad it got solved.