The new Amazon Echo Auto

I just received my Echo Auto. Got it set up ok. Now I want to also pair it to my wifes phone. But can’t seem to figure out how to do that. I have searched the help and it says it can be done, but doesn’t say how.

Does anyone here have any ideas?

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You may want to contact Amazon support :slight_smile:

Well, apparently it can’t be done. I contacted support and that is what they said. So when my wife drives the car she is out of luck. I know that will make her happy…:frowning:

Weird - when I Googled it (because that sounded like misinformed / undertrained support), the search preview implied that you could, but I couldn’t find it on the live help page. Here’s what the cached version says - seems worth a try.



You found more than I did. I will try the 8 second thing. But I’m wondering if that then disconnects my phone…

That worked. It will now connect to either phone. If I read correctly if both phones are there it will connect to the one last connected to.

Apparently the support guy didn’t know much. Thank you for finding that instruction.


That’s how every BT device in my orbit works, so it was surprising that something with an obvious application to multiple devices would be so limited. Glad it got solved.


Same issue. I have it set up and have been using over a week on my phone, but my wife is travelling with the car tomorrow and I’m trying to set her phone up to it.

Make sure you’re phone is away from the unit or turn the BT off on your phone temporarily. Then push and hold the connect button on the Echo Auto for 8 seconds. It will go into pairing mode as evidenced by flashing orange light. Then use the app on your wife’s phone to pair it to hers. After that it should pair with either one with the last one used as the primary.

This all worked ok on mine. However, occasionally there is some hiccups with the connection. I have to go into the app and re-confirm I am a passenger. Which makes no sense. If I was a passenger why would I need voice control. Amazon seems to think that if you are driving you shouldn’t be using the echo. In my way of thinking that is when you want to use it. But who am I.


Despite some obvious inconsistencies that I’m sure are in place due to legal liability reasons, I enjoy having a Voice activated AI in my car more than my house. I’ll try the 8sec pairing thing with her phone. Thanks.

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