The End of Groovy Has Arrived

Does it show placeholder on the left side of the line?
If so, you’re good.


Yeah mate.

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Trying to use smartlighting and the button isn’t coming up. Only when using routines I see it.
Is this normal?

Using routines you could effectively use up like 10 routines, given we only have 200 limit, that’s a ball ache.

If a device is using an edge driver, the information in the IDE will be incomplete, incorrect, or out of date. It will probably say “cloud“ even though it’s running local. Any routes shown will be old. Other information may be missing or inaccurate.

As long as it says “placeholder“ in the IDE it’s using the new architecture, but you can’t count on anything else there, and don’t worry about it. It won’t affect the functioning.

FAQ: Why does the IDE list “placeholder” for my device? Can I change that?


Thanks, I do not understand why if I look for new Devices, Duplicates are added, and in the ide they are indicated with placeholders.
But it’s not a problem, just curiosity

Yes, smartlighting only works with bulbs and switches.
The buttons won’t show in it.

That would be the cloud-to-cloud integration. You most likely clicked on the Link Account button on that Add Device screen for Hue and that would account for the duplicate hue devices in your system.

Unless something has changed….

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My other ikea buttons show there.


Everything but my buttons show for me in the Smart Lighting app.

II see them under Select trigger > Button > (then shows all available buttons)

Yeah definitely shows my other ikea buttons within select trigger in smart lighting but not the edge one I just added. Strange.
Refuse to use a routine as it would take up far too many. ST really need to disable this 200limit nonsense.

Welp, time to abandon this sinking ship, I guess.


I’d say now is the time to move to ST, the more I delve into it the better it sounds.

Things will be better after Matter. I’m not sure why they couldn’t wait until after that to sunset groovy, but I guess they have their reasons.


Excuse me, it does not seem to be so, watch the video of the procedure I do:

After doing this, 6 new double bulbs appear, and in the ide I see them named as placeholders

I think this new one will be the device after the migration, but the routines are associated with the old one.
I hope I have no problems. Now which gate? :thinking: The old or the new? :thinking:

I would guess they wanted Groovy gone before Matter, in part so that complaints would not spill over to it. Plus, it’s likely that the bloggers who would normally write a lot about the end of Groovy will be busy writing about the coming of Matter.

Plus their new app version is due to come out in the Fall as well. Easier if it only has to deal with Matter and Edge Drivers.

But that’s just a guess.

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Matter is just a set of promises and wishes, it’s going to be rough waters for a pretty long while, especially supporting old hardware. Groovy should have stayed until about two years after all the matter kinks are worked out. Abandoning it now just makes no sense other than to frustrate long-time users who don’t replace every home automation device every single year with expensive big brands. I liked SmartThings because of the vast number of cheap devices with custom device handlers that worked fine, even if they didn’t pay the extra licensing fees for Samsung to get into the device installer GUI (the real reason they are abandoning Groovy).


In Samsung’s defense, they’ve been saying Groovy + IDE + cloud DTH’s are due to be sunset for 2-3 years now. Everyone just kept kicking the can down the road because they never set a firm date and people (like me) didn’t ever believe it would actually be coming. Now they set a date and people freak out. Its not as if this is out of left field.


Your video is refreshing the cloud integration. Go to settings > linked services and delete Hue.

Doubt Matter will make things better for existing smart home iot devices. I don’t see existing devices being upgraded to work with that protocol. It’s for newer iot devices so that you don’t have to care if it’s supports smartthings, homekit or alexa.

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