Temperature Sensor Variation

Good Day

I have an Ecobee Smart thermostat with 3 remote sensors.

I just recently purchased and set up an Aeotec MultiSensor 6 in the same room as one of my Ecobee sensors.

Earlier today I was getting a 3 degree temperature difference between the two sensors, I’m wondering if anyone has information on the quality of these sensors so I can get an idea of which one is right.



How far apart are these sensors?
Are any on or near exterior doors, windows, or walls?
Is one higher up in the room than the other?

I know my SmartThings Multi on the Front Door has a much lower reading because it’s on an exterior door. My motion sensor in the laundry room has a much higher temp reading than the rest of the apartment if I’m doing laundry.

One of the best options might be to buy a cheap IR Thermometer (can often be had for $10 or so) just to verify which is accurate.

I’m prep’ing up for a test if you’ld like to contribute a sensor.

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Both are equivalent in height, and both about the same distance from the door and any lights.

The sensors themselves are approximately 10’ apart.

I may have to go that route and pick up a cheap IR thermometer and test it out myself.