Temperature sensor for wine fridge?

I thought this would be easy to find but I don’t see what I’m looking for. I have a two zone wine fridge and need to monitor the temperature in each zone. I’m not going to drill holes in the fridge so maybe thats why there’s no solution. Anyone have something that might work?

I have one of the PEQ water sensor sitting in my freezer and it’s reporting temperature without issue. Other have used the SmartSense Contact sensor as well. If you position it correctly inside, you can also tell if the door is open or close as well.

Thanks. I looked up PEQ water sensors. Do you have a specific model that reports temperature? Or do all water sensors provide temperature? I haven’t tried to find the SmartSense Contact sensor - maybe thats a better choice.

This is my source for PEQ sensor after bestbuy stopped stocking them. Click on the link and you can find the wafer sensor for $19.88 currently.


This works with ST Hub V2 and gives you temp? And no service plan? I don’t see it mention temp anywhere - it provides temperature output? $19.88 is a good price point

Yes and Yes and Yes and don’t forget shipping cost :frowning: that will bring it to almost $25.

or you can try this one


I have one in my mailbox giving me when the mail arrived as well as the outdoor temp. The community here came up with a device type for it so it’s working great.

Many thanks! I picked up two of them. There was only one on Ebay so I cancelled that order because I could get two on Amazon and with prime it will be here in 2 days :smile:


I barely know how to use ST at this point but I had an extra ST Multipurpose Sensor that I stuck in my fridge and setup to send a push notification if the temp goes over 47 degrees. It’s been in there a week and seems to work well. I took it out and put in on the counter and in about 15 minutes it sent me an overtemp alert. I’m not sure if the accuracy or speed of monitoring is good enough for your use though.

I also went on eBay and picked up a bunch of the Peq leak sensors and they’re working nicely. One is in a freezer and seems to work. Right now it’s reading down to 6F. Takes a little time for temp changes to appear in the ST app, but for my needs it’s quick enough.

I’d venture a leak sensor might also be handy as a way to tell if anything had spilled in the wine fridge.

Another possibility would be a motion sensor. Most of them also appear to have temp sensors in them too.

I’ve picked up an HSM200 (same as an EZMultiPli) and have begun experimenting with it. The nice part is it plugs straight into an outlet, so I don’t have to worry about batteries in it.

Something like that might be interesting to someone looking to monitor an actual wine room, not just inside a wine fridge. We plan on building one in the ‘cold room’ under our front porch, and something like this could be ideal. The upside is I could use it’s built-in light to change color should temp go out of range.

Although I’d probably be better served using something that monitors temp AND humidity, as they’re both important for proper wine storage. The Aeotec ZW100 supports being either battery or wall-powered via a microUSB socket inside of it. The downside is that doesn’t have an indicator light, but nothing would prevent me from also installing an HSM200 somewhere nearby.

Have you had any luck with the EZMultiPli/HSM200 for temperature sensing? I’ve just installed one in my wine fridge and can see a temperature reading with DrZwave’s device handler, but haven’t figured out how to build a smartapp to generate an alert (i.e. SMS) if it detects high temps.