Temperature logging with Google Sheets

I have a lab that needs to have a temperature log created everyday for fridges, freezers, and room temp.
Is there anyone who can help create a smartapp that can log temperature and humidity settings at a specific time everyday. Each day a new row is created to add the daily temperature record.
And if possible maybe auto create a sheet per month.
The columns needed would be as follows: date, time, location, temp, units (C or F).
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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What type of hardware (sensors) do you have? There is some limitations on transmission of data from inside metal boxes like fridges and freezers.

If you are getting good data from the sensors, there are a couple of Forum Topics of folks that are successfully doing logging to various services… Here’s one, just as a quick example…

Good luck with your project! Perhaps I can be of more help as this progresses. I have a little bit of experience with the Google Sheets API, so you’re idea seems feasible; but worth exploring options.

…CP / Terry.

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Working with Google Docs API isn’t going to be an easy undertaking…

Have to set up OAUTH2 support

Get a list of spreadsheets, choose a logging sheet (or create new one)

Set up columns

Test posting data

Then handle the logging on a poll interval using the add new row API call, making sure the OAUTH2 token hasn’t expired…

Not impossible, but will require the user to enter their google creds to get the OAUTH2 token in the exchange… Don’t have to store it, but have to get that handshake working first.

Then you have to subscribe to the devices, add columns for the data, etc. Probably not the best place to store free form data, to be honest.

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Perhaps make / find an easier data store (cheap web hosting can run a PHP or other easy data input server…), and then have a separate bulk-loading process into Sheets or whatever target is best for storage and analysis.



Yeah, get a digitalocean server, set up a stupid simple php script to write to a json or xml text file and grab the text file for data analysis.

Honestly, its about 15 lines of code total.


I do not need Google sheets I thought that would be the easiest for the data. But from your responses I can see that may not be the case. Quite honestly as long as it can be retained on a customizable sheet or database I am very open to anything else.

Would IFTTT possibly work for this? I know the native options are limited (and I’m a complete newb for writing SmartApps) but could you pull the data into an RSS feed to push the data through to Google Docs?

I thought of IFTTT first but I was not successful in creating it. It seems that I can set up a temperature action but it will not log the temperature unless it changes from a certain temperature. So i put in if it is higher than -2C to log it. But even with the temperature at 18C it did not log a single time. I tested it for about 3 days with no change.
Maybe I am missing something with IFTTT but i was unsuccessful.

As of now I am testing it out with the smartsense motion which has the temperature. I am willing to get the temp and humidity devices but I wanted to test it out first to see if this logging can be developed.

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I think the GroveStreams example is a really good starting point.

Perhaps really worth replicate the setup described in this thread as it would be a good Proof-Of-Concept.

The HTTP integration with GroveStreams can then be plug-play replaced with a small custom server running PHP and MySQL or similar.

Sound promising?

… CP / Terry.

I think you are right I just signed up and have started to play around with it, but I cannot see my devices loaded up on the observations page. The app shows in my smartphone but not on the Grovestreams site.

I’ll bet that you can drop @mmills a Private Message, as he is the founder of GroveStreams and probably would like to help use demonstrate various use-cases.

Thanks tgauchat. I am working with him now.

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Well it seems we have a winner!! Grovestreams is very easy to use and allows me to validate the data in many different formats. I think with enough playing I will be able to automate all of the labs grunt work with this interface.
There are some minor issues but I think I can create a workaround with the the dashboards from the app. Also there are limitations to how many streams that can be applied. If I have for example 10 facilities each logging at least 3 streams I will be over the 20 max for free use. If a smartapp can be created for this purpose I will gladly change over to that.
Thanks everyone for your help.

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