Telegard GDC1 as Garage Door and Not Switch

Does anyone know how to have the GDC1 show up as a garage door instead of a switch?

I’m finding some information on on a linear switch, but not specifically the GDC1…

There are several discussions on that device. Take a look here:

And specifically here:


Thanks John for your help and I was able to dd the device handler, but still when I try to add the GDC1 it shows up as a switch…

Am I missing something in regards to after I add mjarends devicehandler associating it with the GDC1?

Nevermind, I added it as a regular z-wave switch and then went into “My Devices” to edit that newly added switch, changing the type to a “Telguard Garage Door Switch”.

Thanks again for your help!

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Anytime, glad you got it working.

I know this is years later, but I am now unable to access my GDC1… Do you know if there was a modification to how it is now handled in the latest version of ST?