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Teach Alexa new tricks

(Convinced ST will never be unbroken…) #21

I use Android Auto when driving. Given the current AA API’s (and the plethora of compatible message clients), it would seem Roger is a good candidate. I have asked them… we’ll see what their response is.

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(GLlew) #22

does it eat up a lot of data on the wireless hotspot?

(I got a hair cut from Alexa) #23

I use about 1.5 to 2 gb / month with my car hot spot. I use it for audio books sometimes, but not really music streaming.

(Martin) #24

@Mbhforum I’m going to choose a blind/shade solution in the next 6 months, would you mind sharing your solution. Thanks.

(Marc) #25

Somfy works great with ST:


(Martin) #26

Thanks. I’ll look into that, I was holding out for Lutron support but that feels like it’s never going to happen.

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(Scott) #27

I have the St. Bernard and the Dot…