Tasmota 5 million downloads and no native support

Tittle says in all i have 140 conected device and a lot are Tasmota. Every up date ST screws up every tasmota switch. They broke hue emulator a year ago then fixed it only to break it again with the update 2 days ago.
Bretts device handler got scewed up with the sonoff to tasmota swap but fixed then broke with new update
a lot of people use tasmota and its easier to buy a new hub(that works with) then a 140 new devices.
My 2 cents
ps if hassio had a wecore like tool I would…(nodered still working it out)

With the new platform, smartthings has made it relatively easy for manufacturers to create an integration. That’s why you see so many more brands coming into the new app. So as of this posting (late 2019) it is up to the device manufacturer to create and support their own smartthings integration. So you would need to make your suggestion to them.