Tasker used to update Smartthings Virtual Presence sensor

If I have time tonight I will work on a task to help setup presence sensors using taker.


I’m trying, tasker installed, also installed the Smartthings API as explained in the post by @Jake_Mohl but I stop here, I don’t find where to use Geofence.
Thanks for your help

You have to install AutoLocation app. It is used for your geofence. You only need to make one home location on Autolocation. I have since modified mine to look like this pic. With the home geofence area, you can set it up through Tasker with the Autolocation plugin with a inside and outside geofence area.

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ok I did, I created two, as in the example of your post, 140 meters for home and 200 meters for away. But I didn’t understand why I have 2. Now I try to continue on Tasker. Thanks for your patience with me

You just need one home area. When you use the plug in a tasker you’ll have an inside and outside of your home area which will determine if your home or away.