Tasker used to update Smartthings Virtual Presence sensor

I wanted to share this with EVERYONE/USERS

Here is how I setup my virtual presence sensor with Tasker, Autolocation, Edge drive Virtual Devices V2 ( TAustin drivers) in order for my routines and geofence to work. Tested three time and it accurate and task work instantly. T

Created Virtual Device V2:

Then created a two Geofence Autolocation areas one for outside home area (away - 200 meters) then a inside home area (home - 140 meters).

In Tasker I created two profile and task, one for home task and the other for away task. The Tasker profile uses the two Geofence Autolocation configurations to determine the Virtual Device V2 presence (present/not present) or switch (on/off) and updates the Virtual Device V2 device in the Smartthings app.

Last step was to create a Smartthings routine for geofencing my garage door to run when I (Pixel) was presence (present) or switch (on) to open garage door.


I’ve done this via SharpTools for a while now, but I like the idea of making the web request directly to ST. :+1:


I’m using SharpTools as well. Someday I might get adventurous. Someone on the SharpTools forum created a bunch of routines for Tasker that work directly with the API. They are available on TaskerNet. I haven’t had time to play with them yet. I’ll figure find the post and share it here.

Edit - Tasker Plugins Ending - #27 by Jake_Mohl_ehoba - SharpTools for Android - SharpTools Community


Yes he shared his Tasker with me and I’m currently using them for other Smartthings Edge and Tasker task.

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Yes, I’m currently working on a Task to help build rules and post them using the API. I guess I need to make a thread here and share the Tasker tasks.


Here is a link to the support thread for my Tasker - SmartThings Rest API


I came here to find an alternative to Smartthings geolocation, not being able to use Life 360 when Groovy closes.
My curiosity is whether I should use tasker or SharpTools or tasker + SharpTools. I have never used either, always heard of, subscribed to both, but never used successfully. I’m not a programmer, what simpler solution to determine the presence of my phone?

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ok thanks, now i’m sure where to start, i’ll just have to understand how Tasker works. I am not very good and for now I have not been able to do anything other than the installation. I will try to learn.

I will be happy to help you with getting it setup. I’m actually going to release a profile that will have the tasks need to do presence sensors.

The Tasker profile will be posted here.

Tasker - SmartThings Rest API

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I can assist as well. I set up virtual switches that get changed by HTTP calls to SharpTools depending on if I’m in or out of a Geofence in AutoLocation. Of course, though, with your Tasker Profile I could set the virtual switch as in or off using the SmartThings API and maybe save $30 a year by not using the premium SharpTools service. I was playing with changing the status of the virtual switch this way yesterday.

Thank you very much, I read the other mice, in fact I started right from there, I installed Tasker but I stopped at the entry that says to import the database. Following this topic instead opening Tasker I do not find a screen similar toThank you very much, I read the other mice, in fact I started right from there, I installed Tasker but I stopped at the entry that says to import the database. Following this topic instead opening Tasker I do not find a screen similar to “geofences”.
I’m stuck here:

I have another doubt, I guess I have to install and set Tasker on all the phones in the family then right? :thinking: This will be a problem :sweat_smile: I’ll try

Thanks also to you. If I understand correctly with the system of this topic, will it not be necessary to use sharp tool? Right?

Yes it will need to be installed on all phones you want to use.

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I don’t have Tasker installed on all phones. I check presence on my phone. Life360 still works for my family. It just might not work thru SmartThings (eventually; it still works now). I get notifications on my phone when family come home and leave. When they do, Tasker triggers on the notification using AutoNotification and acts accordingly (i.e., changes the virtual presence switch in SmartThings, either by using the SmartThings API or using an HTTP Request to SharpTools). So, I don’t think Tasker needs to be installed on all phones if you handle it this way…

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Thank you. I think it’s too difficult for my knowledge. I also worry that my phone will be a kind of server to make the automations related to changing the location of another phone. If my phone isn’t turned on online, It won’t work.
Am I wrong?

I’m using tasker to switch the presence sensor when I connect to my wifi. What are the geo location settings in tasker? Does this drain much battery?

Geofences are provided by a plugin called Autolocation. No these do not seem to drain the battery.

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Sorry for the late response…Jake is correct the geofence is managed by Autolocation app… separate from Tasker. Neither have drained my battery.

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This is a good idea. I haven’t thought of this before. If you had a device that was always on and on wifi such as a dashboard with Life360 running. You could use AutoNotification intercept, Tasker and the SmartThings API. I will need to look more into this.