Tap To Set Bug

Well this is probably my own fault for wanting to try all things Android so I started using the Arc-Welder chrome app to use the ST app on chrome. All of the sudden I’m seeing apps called Tap To Set throughout my installation. Is this all Android 1.7 apps or just when using chrome? I’ve seen some mention of the issue on the app thread but I nothing became of the issue. Any assistance from ST to remedy the issue would be appreciated, hopefully not re-installing all SmartApps…

was fixed in 1.72 for me.

I fixed it in 1.71 by just editing the name back using an i device.

Ah I see what’s happening. I’ve never even looked down where that Assign Name option is. Thanks that worked. Anybody have a 1.7.2 apk for download for us google play store-less?

here yo go


Great, thanks!