System put me at risk

And, yet, haha, I’d be out of here in a heartbeat if there were a system that works. I seriously don’t expect things to improve with ST, it hasn’t so far for the entire time I’ve been involved.


I would love to have this level of flexibility and ease with the apps you and mike have written on a local based HA system


Just say jump, and most of us will follow…ha, ha, ha!

Yeah, make sure you tell us where you’re going before you go!


I have to admit I’m starting to feel the same way, But I sure hope this isn’t the case.
Been on board for some 18 months now and the biggest loss for me would be the sunk time in learning to code this platform…


Would a secondary controller address some of the local/cloud concerns? I’m thinking something that would handle simple but important things like “lock all doors at 10pm” so when SmartThings scheduling fails, that still happens, but sill having the flexibility of ST and RM to do all the customizations we can’t get anywhere else. Doing a quick search, I don’t see any consensus on which controllers work, though.

The real “concern” is whether or not SmartThings can survive in the “average consumer HA market” (including new Samsung TV’s and appliances). Average consumer isn’t going to put in a secondary controller.

Notice that Facebook just killed Parse yesterday.

Just goes to show how easily a parent company can kill a division, even if it has millions of users / developers.

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I, personally, feel very lucky i this regard. The sunk time helped me to acquire skills that are mostly transferable.

My original use case that got me into HA and ST was to improve security of our entryways. ST definitely helped with security, because I now religiously check my doors and locks.


Very funny Alex!! All ST users should be so lucky.


I’ve only been with ST since the release of hub V2. I was with wink for a short period before that. My little adventure started out when I got the email that my very first echo was on the way.

So I’ve been around a very short time. But in that time I have seen improvements in ST. The app had improved as well as the usability. While I believe it is still very lacking in a lot of areas, it is still good.

I have kept myself open to other platforms, as any smart person would. Being platform specific is a big problem in an ever changing world of technology.

My use case is not for security. If I wanted that, I would stick with a security company. I think of ST security like going to Wal-Mart to get my car painted. They might have the tools, but they sure don’t have a clue.

My use case is simple… I’m a need that loves star trek. And when echo was announced I finally saw a way to talk to my house!

I have learned some skills, but I was pretty religious about my locks before ST… Which is why my locks are not automatic.


Wish I could like this comment many times!


Alexa, double scotch rocks


I’ve had my ST since early December and haven’t experienced these issues…am I just lucky?

All I hear is that everyone thinks being local and not cloud based is The be all and end all of a HA solution. There is a place for a well executed cloud based solution, with the reliability of internet connections these days and the comms with that cloud platform being TCP based and not connectionless then packet receipt is acknowledged.

The issue with ST is how badly executed this cloud platform is. It can be fixed.

But I’m down the path of a hybrid solution so will make portions more reliable and I will use ST for cloud to Cloud etc… Or at least until they get their house in order

But one thing I found by adding a secondary controller is that I had 9 non existent and non failed wave devices in the zwave network configuration, but with no corresponding device in ST, But becase ST doesn’t expose this detail to end users they won’t know. And I have no idea how it got into the state, but I suspect this is because the remove operation was killed when th removal job was long running.

But since deleting I have a lot more reliability of my zwave automation.


By this point I’m guessing they’ve created such a complicated cloud service that the v2 hub can’t run it by itself. Otherwise you’d think they’d already have made everything local to get perfect reliability.

That’s the only way to survive with SmartThings. Most of my devices are Z-Wave and I’ve been using a hand-held Z-Wave remote (actually several of them) as a back-up in case of SmartThings outage. They’re completely independent of SmartThings, so I always have local control of my lights and switches. That’s the biggest advantage of Z-Wave over Zigbee for me.

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Yup with smartthings you can say Computer…lights…whenever your ready…any time now…

So our garage door went up sometime during the night all by itself today. It is the first time I’ve had devices randomly activate. This is one of those issues that the wife deems a ST killer all by itself…

Did you look at the device and see if there was something that might have triggered it? Sometimes I find something useful and other times I find nothing.

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My family room lights turned on spontaneously at full brightness at 12:29 AM this morning while I was watching TV. The dimmer switch that cortols the lights is not part of any lighting automations except for “Good Night!” routine, that actually turns it off.

I looked at the logs and they show that the switch was turned on by physical action, which of course is total bee-es since there was no one else in the room at the moment. Besides, the dimmer is preset to 50% and in this incident it was turned on at full brightness.

Sure, there’s a chance it could be a switch malfunction, but I’m very suspicious of some gremlins running lose in the cloud.

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