Switch LED lighting circuit over 150 watts

Hello all
New to the site.
Im looking to simply switch about 350 watts of LED lighting, 3 high bay fixtures in workshop.
Perhaps im missing it but i do not see switches capable to switching LED over 150 watts from zooz.
Is this true? And if so can anyone make a suggestion as to brand to go with?


That’s a lot of light! :sunglasses: There have been a few members in the past who had photography studios or workshops that needed that kind of light and there are a couple of options.


Leviton makes a Z wave switch that can handle up to 600 W for LEDs (up to 1800 watts for incandescents). It works well with SmartThings as a basic zwave switch. Just make sure you get the right model, DZ 15 S. (The suffix after the S just indicates which box it comes in and what color it is.) Leviton makes a bunch of models that all use exactly the same outer case and look the same, but use different protocols: zwave, zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or works with HomeKit.

They even have a dimmer in the same line with similar specs. Here’s a thread about that one:

Switch for 450w of LED lights?

Oh, and another option is to get a device that will physically move the existing dumb switch. That way it doesn’t matter what the load or wiring is. People often use these for either very low or very high voltage set ups where they can’t find a matching all in one switch. I think in your case the Leviton is a better choice, but I will list these just in case there’s someone looking for a solution that’s out of range of that one.


You can get a smart switch cover that fits over an existing switch and physically moves it. There are two of these that work well with smartthings. These are battery operated devices that sit over the top of the existing switch. They are a little noisy When the motor is actually moving the switch underneath. Not as loud as a garbage disposal, but loud enough to startle the cat. But they are a good solution for when you don’t want to change any of the existing wiring, you just want to be able to move the switch.

  1. Ecolink zwave smart switch cover. Comes in rocker or toggle style, single or double gang. These look just like a regular switch. They are physically a little harder to push than a regular rocker switch, but not much.


  1. Third Reality zigbee smart switch. These look like a button. I use several in my own house and have been happy with them. They do have their own hub, but you won’t use that: you will connect it directly to a smartthings/Aeot3c hub.




  1. A similar idea because you are not changing any of the existing wiring is a small actuator that can act as a “robot finger” that can just push the existing switch. Switchbot makes one which is Bluetooth to its own mini hub and then Wi-Fi cloud to cloud integration to smartthings. I use several of these in my own house as well, but I don’t use them for light switches. I use them for existing appliances where I just need to push a button to automate it. so I have one on a mini blender, one on the DVD eject button, etc. but there are people who use them on light switches, particularly if they are not a conventional shape so the smart switch covers won’t work.


anyway, like I said, I think in your case the Leviton makes more sense, but I did just want to List these in case someone has a slightly different set up and the Leviton won’t work for them.

All three of these will work in almost any set up that has a conventional light switch because they aren’t controlling the current, just physically moving the switch. And the Switchbot can work in additional situations, because it’s not designed to cover the existing switch, but sit next to it and push or pull it mechanically.

Choice is good. :sunglasses: