[SURVEY] Time to color my porch. LIFX vs. HUE BR30

I have decided that is time to replace my PAR38 GE Links on the porch with either LIFX or HUE BR30s. Which one do you think works best with ST (I know neither are rated for outdoor and will void the warranty, but neither are the GE Links and have been using them for 2+ years on the front porch). Any other suggestions, ideas?

  • LIFX Bulb
  • HUE Bulb

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I use GE switches and regular led’s on the porch. Then for color…

I use my osram gardenspot minis!


These are outside lights which you will want at full brightness. In my experience LIFX has better color at full brightness. Besides, LIFX weighs more, so it must be better.


Weighs more = better? :joy::joy::joy:

Personally I like lifx, no extra hub needed

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Joke, but most people perceive weight as a measure of quality.

LIFX run very hot, so I would be particularly worried about them in a typical outdoor enclosure.

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While Hue stuff is virtually flawless in reliability, their gen2 refresh should have fixed all the colour and brightness issues they suffer. They didn’t do this.

My preference is now LIFX.

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why no love for Lightify in survey?

Didn’t have a great experience with Osram connected to ST. Are you happy with them?

I own all Hue’s and while I do love them in their native app, they are a bit buggy with ST. Help has told me their are known issues with ST trying to control more than 8 at any one time. But I also have problems with fewer bulbs when used in Routines. No problem controlling them in Core so far though.

I have heard good things about LIFX, and don’t see a lot of complaints regarding their interface with ST. So they might be the better solution.

Very happy with them, I was not happy in the beginning however it seems a lot of issues I experienced are fully resolved after updates to ST and lightify firmware updates. I have a lot of their products. I have the A19 soft whites, A19 RGBW, Flex strips, gardenspots and the recessed fixture. All of them work as expected with the exception of true color loop but CoRE was able to fill that gap :slight_smile:

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I’ve never had a problem with my hue bulbs, but they have always been connected to my Phillips bridge.

I’m really happy with my garden spots.

Nothing against Lightify, but I wasn’t sure, do they have a BR30 colour bulb?

yup they do Amazon has individual and 2 pack options

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Except when it’s around your waist :wink:

Haven’t had any problems with my Hue hub/bulbs as far as ST status and control, so I’d love to get Hue BR30 bulbs for the porch and garage carriage lights. But my HOA frowns on any color that’s not some flavor of white :angry: Maybe I’ll pick some up anyway and use some color for special occasions (Halloween, 4th of July, New Year, etc.).

Since we have a few LIFX users on this thread, I’ll plug some of my progress.

I created a new LIFX Bulb DH. I didn’t like the way the other one looked and you can configure how quickly this one will update due to changes by SmartApps / LIFX app. Meaning when you change the lights via something other than the DH, it will check for an update based on a schedule like every minute, 5 min, … You have to use an API key and the name of the bulb. I’ll be working on a manager app to spawn these for you and authenticate but I’ll start that this weekend.

Also, don’t forget LIFX Group of Groups. I’ll also update this in a week or to to be more like my new bulb DH.


If you start release threads for these in the community-created code section of the forum, they’ll show up on the quick browse lists and more people will be able to find them. :sunglasses:



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Yea, I know. I did release LIFX Group of Groups, the bulb works, just not released yet.

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