[Support WITHDRAWN] GCal-Search: Google Calendar Event contact sensor/switch

And we are over a week into this and the poll is STILL running…

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Is this awesome app still working?


Yep…I use it constantely…it is not being updated as much, but no need since it appears to be working…


I’m creating a few events and suddenly I’m loosing the integration with my google account. trying to figure out what is happening.


@mnestor is the author of this app…I am just an interested user :slight_smile:

Go into your google account and delete the current security authorization for the app. Then reconnect it through smartthings. May have just gotten a bad token the first go around.

I have implemented this in Home-Assistant in a much better way but still trying to get it accepted for merge.

just wanted to post that if you change your credentials for Google, this can be a nightmare to fix.

I had to remove each individual switch from the apps that use them (SmartTiles, SharpTools, AskAlexa, etc), before I could finally do a Remove on the app itself, just to set it all back up with the new password.

@mnestor I know your not supporting this anymore but trying to get your existing solution working. I got the two smartapps and device handler installed and I think I have the google credentials installed properly with the redirect url etc… but I’m getting 403 error with “disallowed_useragent” This user-agent is not permitted to make an OAuth authorization request to google as it is classified and embedded user agent…"

I’m sure I’m missing sometthing stupid… any help would be appreciated.

VI’ve only just discovered a potentially serious problem with this app. Events which are not scheduled to happen until another day are causing the gcal switch to open every day

This is affecting every single gcal instance but I’ll limit this post to two types of example.

Event is next scheduled

for for 9th January at 6:37am. But the switch opens every day at 6:37am for 10 mins before closing again.

All day events open at midnight on days when they should not, then close 10 minutes later. It’s like the app knows it’s the wrong day but it takes 10 minutes to realise this by which time the switch is already open

Anyone else having this happen?

Sorry to say that I’ve found a second bug in this app. I have an event today which is between 12:30(pm) and 14:30. I have checked this is the case in google calendar.

In GCal the event summary says the event is scheduled for 12:30AM, i.e. 00:30 and 14:30. Therefore the switch has been open all morning

I not know if this is an error in the app or if any changes on google or ST’s side have caused working code to start behaving badly. I would love this app to work correctly as the ifttt implementation of this is so very poor.

@mnestor or anybody able to explain this?

I have all day events. They start at midnight like their supposed to. Then end at 6:02 pm every time on 2 different searches both with all day events.

Sounds like a few things changef in the platform lately. As I no longer even have a Smartthings hub I can’t be of any help. If someone wants to send me a new hub though I’ll look into it :smiley:

If I had one more it would already be on its way.

I was just curious, hoping you or @MichaelS (smarter people than me on this) would have an idea.

I do appreciate the efforts you and others do to make these apps.

I have stopped using this app as my use case went away…sorry I can’t help either.

Yeah my use case is pretty much gone too. I’m using a system now that detects if either my wife or I is home with 100% reliability and I use a smartwatch for my alarm clock so I really have no use for it anymore either.


This re-release fixes the opening-on-days-it-should-not bug:



Just installed this new version and testing. I found a few quirks that I would like to bring to your attention… Again, thanks for bringing this back!

  1. Noticed that the App will not allow a “New GCal Search” to have a “blank” or empty search string. Throws an exception when saving. Interesting, you can define a “New GCal Search” with a search string defined like ‘x’ and successfully save the request. Then go back in to the same search and remove the search term and leave empty.
  2. The device tile when a favorite in a room has a large “black block” over the main display. The icon is displayed accurately when entering the details of the tile.

Define a New Gcal Search leaving the search box empty and pressing ‘Done’.

Error Message Displayed and cannot continue unless you place a search term in the box.

Error displayed when making a Gcal Event Tlle a Room Favorite

I have to assume… support withdrawn meant development of this is dead?

Someone else has picked up development. You can find it here: [UPDATED 3/27/17] GCal Search

Someone else took the challenge: [UPDATED 3/27/17] GCal Search