Support having issues?

I have had issues since last year, with issues with mobile presence sensors on Nexus phones as well as IFTTT (will no longer work), as well as other issues I have gone through extensive testing and resetting on my end and weekly send “what is the status” emails to SmartThings, of which I get a response every other week (if I am lucky) with either a “did you solve your issue?” (really?!) or a “try resetting…” (yes…we covered this 2 months ago!!!..and 1 month ago!!!..and 2 weeks ago!!!) or a new one in which they didn’t realize I was having issues (are my support tickets automatically going to trash bin? All prior email communications with support not being recorded?).

I am close to pulling in legal assistance due to lack of response from SmartThings to solve the issues. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?

Mentioning “legal assistance” is probably a bad way to get help. I’m sure they are legally covered in whatever EULA we agreed to when signing up.

The mobile presence has been iffy at best since I’ve been using the platform. I use Life360 and it works almost 100% at this point. IFTTT has never been reliable for me, ST or not, it IS updating my phone wallpaper every once in a while from my Bloomsky, on it’s own terms it would seem. But you could try removing the IFTTT SmartApp and re-adding it. Also reboot your hub and see if that changes anything AFTER removing and re-adding. If you haven’t already.


IFTTT issue

  • Hub v2 (location A)
    -IFTTT originally setup with both wife’s and my account. No issues for over year using v1 of hub. v2 started having problems
    -No longer will show sensors within IFTTT, be them mobile presence or others.
    -Attempted to reboot hub, disconnect/reconnect ST channel, remove IFTTT app within ST, remove both accounts completely/reboot everything/reconnect only 1 account. Nothing works. Something somewhere is stuck. Given past issues with ST and IFTTT in which it was identified bad data on ST side, I think it is ST’s side is culprit.
  • Hub v1 (location B)
    -IFTTT setup with completely separate IFTTT account. No issues.

Mobile presence issue

  • Upgraded to Nexus 6p for both wife and I in December. While wife was having some issues with her Nexus 5 prior, it got work with 6p as neither worked at all
  • Usual reboot, uninstall ST,
  • Removed snooze from ST.
  • Ensured geo-fence set appropriately…tried adjusting (resetting fence sometimes fixed issues in past)
  • Ensured wifi is active
  • ISSUE: Presence is spotty (at best), often doesn’t recognize home for several minutes after being home. Often will suddenly see as “left” and a return later (up to several hours, even though still home).
    -This became security hazard as system is set to turn lights off when everyone leaves. 2x this past week I have been in garage working and all lights went out. 1 time I was at workbench using hand-tools, but other time I had JUST finished using table saw 20 seconds prior. Had I been in middle of cut and light go out with resulting accident, then it definitively could become a legal issue given lack of assistance from ST to resolve this.

IFTTT issue maybe just something in the v2 hub then. I’ve certainly had poor success with it though I do know others use it regularly.

Mobile presence, seriously, give up on the built in one and try Life360 or one of the DD-WRT methods until they fix it, or get rid of it.

Good choice of phone btw, used one and liked it a lot.

Personally I’ve created backups for important stuff, my smoke alarms and water sensors are all on Insteon for example, which is honestly worse than ST in the support department, but those few things are reliable.

And I don’t have anything auto open/on via presence without Rule Machine doing other checks to verify it really should happen. One real good way, check power usage on things someone uses at home all the time, if watt’s are higher than idle, don’t process away commands, send alert, if it’s a real false positive then all you do is remotely kill whatever was on and set away.

They are vague enough about security that there would be no legal standing on that basis, and features can come and go as they see fit which could sorta cover anything with IFTTT or other integration. Like the Harmony Hub’s…I did have them loose all my devices and had to re-associate ST in the Harmony app and set the lights back up in my activities.

Support has been fabulous to be honest, put in maybe 3-4 tickets, some that went on for a bit, but they always got back to me within a single business day and resolved or helped the IBK fix it.

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The community-created wiki has the link you can use if you’re in the US to see your open support tickets. I’m not sure if the link is the same for the UK or not.

That link just goes to the support site for me in the US. I’ve had 3 cases, if resolved maybe this is normal behavior?

If you use the link in the wiki marked “To view your open tickets, use the following link…” It should take you to a sign on page on the support site. Signing in there should show you your tickets. :sunglasses:

Should but doesn’t. Tried a few times even.

I’ll try when I get home, maybe my work computer is filtering something.

Could be, I just tried the post in your link and it worked fine for me. Maybe you could try it on your phone?

Every time I’ve ever tried, I get “Login has failed. Double-check your username and password.”. I’ve told Support and they say there’s nothing they can do. Makes it hard to check on Support.

Yup just got the login on my mobile, password wouldn’t take. Logged out and back in manually to and the store and it worked fine for both of those.

Privacy Badger was killing the link to, disabled that on desktop and got login prompt, didn’t work there either.

You’re in the UK, right? I don’t know if they use the same support system.

No, I’m from the UK, but I’m in Canada. The OTHER Dean Smith is still IN the UK.

We’re confusing like that.

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Thank you for the link JDRoberts. I was not aware I could view my cases online. It works good for me. VERY much appreciated.

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