Sunrise/sunset or weather tile lux? Which to use?

Is there any difference between the two? Sunrise /sunset is not reliable enough for my apps so I switch over to weather tile lux for my lights. So far everything is working but I am just curious about the lux value.

Weather tile lux = estimated

Device lux = real-time input

Sunrise/Sunset = No Lux but has events for sunset and sunrise

Your choice. Each will have its advantages and disadvantages.

I would go with device lux personally.

Thanks @tslagle13 but I am comparing between the sunrise sunset and the lux in the weather tile. Is the estimated lux value coming from the sunrise/sunset time?

I believe it is estimated using cloud cover, rain status, and sunrise/sunset.

Thank you for the explanation. I see the advantage of using weather lux over sunrise/sunset now.

The weather tile is reliable if you poll it often enough, but bears little resemblance to real LUX in my experience comparing it with a real sensor. That doesn’t have to matter, and in some ways the tile is better being less subject to short term variance of sunshine/cloud. Still, of the three, I selected Sunrise/Sunset offsets for my interior lights. Weather tile or LUX would work fine for outside lights as you generally want it darker to trigger them, and that occurs at levels below normal daytime gloominess that might trigger the LUX sensor.

I use the weather tile lux for all my outside lights. I have a few aeon multi outside but they are not very reliable just like the sunrise/sunset. So far the simulated lux is working but I see your point with polling.