Suggestion For Scenes within Routines

I’ve come up with a mock-up of how scenes could easily be integrated directly into Routines.

  1. Instead of “Set dimmers to this level” as a single value, replace it with a link to a new page (2).
  2. This page is where the user would set values for each lamp (ours have unique names for Alexa).
  3. The page title would show the Routine name with the usual Done button. The list from the ON section would be listed with the corresponding color color and dim value.
  4. Tap the value to change it. (not sure what ui would work here since sliders are, so far, very poorly implemented in this app. i.e. thermostat temps - very frustrating). There should also be a way here to change the color of the color-capable bulbs (Hue!). We have several color Hub bulbs so I’ve added dots to tap to the left of the dim value.
  5. A checkbox would allow the user to see the scene changes in real-time. If it is easy enough to build this into the page then this checkbox would not be necessary. I simply want to convey the need to SEE THE SCENE while the user edits.

Thank you, please let me know what feedback you have. I very much would like to encourage (read: pressure) SmartThings developers to implement this simple page into the app. I feel it would be a great new feature. I feel the success of this product is going to need a simpler UI than Core or Smart Apps for the average consumer.


I like this idea. :sunglasses:

Personally, I’d also like to see them change to an If This, then That format where first you select your trigger conditions and then you select your target devices. So “If this contact sensor opens, then…”

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Yes, that too. I would, however, consider that a bit of an overhaul to the app. In my suggestion I’m merely adding a page to the Routine (and associated database updates to accomodate).

But on your subject I would love to be able to use Routines both as a trigger and a switch. They are really really close but not yet.

The one big feature difference between SmartThings app is that ALL of the others have Scenes as the core of the app’s feature set.

I would like everyone who sees this to send feedback directly to the product development group at SmartThings. Request this feature. I have the ear of one of the product managers but we need more voices to get this implemented in a very near future update.

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Great work on the mock-ups!

Do you have a direct contact?

I don’t think there’s reason to badger them, though … they have a $ million market research department and also can be referred (by URL) to this and a dozen other Posts with the same underlying topic.

We’ve been asking for “Scenes” for 4 years. Literally. I just crossed my 4th year anniversary on the Forum.

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I have already supplied my contact with this information. If they haven’t gotten it together to include a feature that is part of all of the competitors then their market research is not helping them.


Not “defending” SmartThings here; but providing a “Devil’s Advocate” :smiling_imp: perspective…

Just because a particular Feature is popular / common in competitor’s products, doesn’t mean that it is the correct strategic choice for another company.

For example, the Apple Mac mouse still only has 1 Button, despite Windows, Linux, etc., all using 2, 3, or even more buttons!

Yes, as a product designer myself I face that backwards mentality all too often. Mostly from lazy developers who are under the impression that they are the decision makers.

(BTW, who would have a “$ million market research department” for a free app?)

To get us back on topic: Any thoughts on my design?

Your design is great … and it is especially encouraging as it seems to be an “incremental” change that fits SmartThings’s overall UI (for Smart Lighting, Routines, etc.).

But not to get us off-topic … You could be proposing the most wonderful and feasible design in the world; but that won’t overcome the organizational obstacles to its implementation. Multiple high-credentialed designers have left SmartThings (after soliciting feedback from customers…). I don’t know why.

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They finally released Scenes! They did a good job too including at “Test Scene” button that works great!