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Agreed, I think more things need to have options for the ADA market.


I would like to use my already made DIY sensors made on the mysensors framework. Is it possible ?

Hey every one i think it would be nice if we could get the new chrome cast audio version to work nice with smartthings it would be a great and cheaper alternative to sonos as it is only 35 bucks.

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Let me know when you release this please as I have one

Different suggestions:

  • Remotec ZXT-120 (Z-Wave) : used to control air conditioning units
  • Fibaro FGSD-002 (Z-Wave) : smoke detector
  • Aeon Labs Range Extender (Z-Wave) : Z-Wave range extender
  • MCO Home switches (Z-Wave) : Z-Wave tactile light switches
  • Danfoss radiator thermostat (Z-Wave) : Z-Wave radiator controllers
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Are you suggesting for the US or the UK?

The remotec ZXT 120 does work with smart things as a basic Z wave thermostat, a number of community members have it. It’s not on the official device list but you can find the code in the forums.

The fibaro smoke sensor has problems with many zwave controllers. Not specific to smartthings. It is a certified zwave device, but really only seems to work well with its own controller because of the way they’ve implemented the tamper alerts. Read reviews on the vendor sites. I wouldn’t expect to see this one anytime soon, although other fibaro devices are supported.

The Aeon labs range extender works fine with smartthings. It pairs as a switch. It’s unlikely that you’ll need it though, single-purpose range extenders were mostly used through version three of zwave. We’re now at version five. At this point any dual purpose repeater device, typically a plug-in module in the UK or a light switch in the US, will give you the same range extending capability but you can also use the device for its other purpose. See discussion topics in the forum for more details.

The radiator thermostats would be cool, there are a couple of members looking into those. I don’t know if anyone has them working yet, I don’t think so.

Thank you for your answer. I’m looking for these devices to be managed by the UK version of Smartthings.

Regarding the Remotec ZXT-120, it indeeds functions as a Thermostat but there might be a possibility of better integration:

  • switch from heating to cooling
  • change the fan speed

    These are functions managed by my AC and seem to be manageable by the ZXT-120, according to what I have read on the internet.

I’m not sure if the current device type, that was created by the community, supports switching from heat to cool or not. You should talk to the people in the following topic (this is a clickable link). I’m pretty sure for these purposes UK versus US won’t matter, it’s just the frequency that’s different, but you should confirm that with remotetec before purchasing the device.

HVAC IR Extender (Remotec ZXT 120) (2014)

Hi Im looking to see if the Baldwin line of Keyless Entry locks are supported. They have both a Zigbee and Zwave version of each of their locks.

I think they may be related to Kiwkset somehow, so it could be just rebranded Kwikset hardware


New to this forum but having used the British Gas Safe and Secure system for 3 years and now needing to replace it I find there are very few solutions that include all sensors, and the one I think is missing here and needed is smoke detector

With the BG system I have smoke / flood and intruder detection so I don’t want to replace with less. Also although not as important I think a Carbon Monoxide detector would be well received.



are any video doorbells currently supported?

Not yet. Lots of people looking into them but no direct integration. I went ahead and got a Kuna lantern anyway, which I like a lot, and just added a second motion sensor that did integrate with SmartThings so I could trigger SmartThings events at the same time. A lot of people do the same kind of idea with other video doorbells. See the following topic ( this is a clickable link)

Ring vs Skybell vs Kuna vs?

SmartThings staff just posted to the forums yesterday that Fibaro smoke sensor for the UK is currently undergoing certification testing with SmartThings. No timeline given but at least they’re looking into official support for those.

Thanks for the reply re smoke alarms. Not sure if this is a new device as more a feature request or query. But is there a backup connectivity method planned for the hub. So if the Internet is down can the hub connect via 3/4G for example

Yale YRD220 ZIGBEE Touch screen lock

I know it’s not out yet, but would integration be possible with the BEDDI alarm clock? It looks cool and apparently can control HUE lights, so I assume it has built in zigbee?

BEDDI Kickstarer

It’s a kickstarter project, so of course it looks cool. Until you can buy it for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing.

But there’s no need for zigbee, and no indication that it plans to use it. Philips has an open API, so anything on your WiFi network can make requests of your Hue bridge. That’s why so many different things work with Hue. Phone apps don’t need zigbee to change color on Hues, and neither does this. The Hue bridge has the zigbee radio, and the phone uses Wi-Fi or Cloud to talk to the bridge. Hence the term “bridge.” :sunglasses:

This is just an Internet-enabled alarm clock with a white noise machine built-in.

Good points - thanks for the info! :smile:

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Forgive me - I hope this is the right forum. Are there any recommendations for combustible/natural gas detectors? I can’t seem to find any zwave options that are known brands. Alibaba has a few no names on their site.

None I know of. One community member has been experimenting with one of the imports: