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Saw this at Home Depot, I really like the idea of something to listen for smoke alarms instead of tapping into my interconnected ones.

@Tyler this would be a good solution to integrate from one of the biggest brands in fire prevention!

Cheaper than the Leeo but not as fancy, which isn’t a problem in my book. Plus it’s WiFi instead of bluetooth so it would work with Hub V1…


I’d like to see a “Smartthings Caching-Proxy” device that allows the SmartThings Hub to work even if there’s a service interruption in the cloud. Or the network gets disconnected.

Could be as simple linux device running the Squid Proxy with a custom SmartThings module that caches calls/responses to and from the smartthings server. If the internet is down it does into replay mode and uses a previous response.

I’d really like a standalone solution that works at home, so it doesn’t have to call home. But I would accept something like this that still allows the device use the cloud service but also allows it to work when there are service or connectivity disruptions.

@revoman check out any of the “Hub v2” threads on the forums. The next version of the hub will support local processing.

Any of the APC / Schneider Electric environmental monitoring devices. These sense temp and humidity, among other things.

Linear GD00Z-4 Z-Wave Garage Door Opener Remote Controller

Many people in the community are using this successfully now. :blush:

I’m having trouble connecting to the hub (maybe I have a faulty device). I will retry, thank you.

Has it been tested with Fibaro relays/dimmer and Vitrum switches/DIN modules?

Danfoss LC-13 ‘Living Connect’ Radiator Thermostat valve would be great. In a lot of older apartment blocks, here in Europe, the heating is done off a central boiler through radiators in each room. This valve allows you to control the temperature in each room by controlling the valves individually.


How about Ring wifi enabled video doorbell?


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the only available out of the box remote accessible (storage) gas water heater solution is rheem, its home depots main brand for water heaters, same infrastructure is used for rheem hvac, right now only econet or homedepot’s hub “wink” ( works with it, this needs to be bumped up in priority. if not then some other gas water heater (whirlpool 6th sense?) needs to be supported, there are no gas water heaters being supported with smartthings hub currently.

It takes 2 hands to clap. I’m pretty sure SmartThings are proactively seeking out to integrate with Rheem, it’s really up to Rheem if they are willing to do their part.

The use case for water heater isn’t a lot. However, I’ve wrote this device type for water heater only if you’re interested. It’s still a little buggy. I haven’t have the time to write the SmartApp to change the temperature when away.

I want a integrated IR blaster to control my ductless Mitsubishi air conditioner!

Blink for sure! A great camera option that is very affordable.

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Everything looks great in prerelease. And like a great value. We won’t have any idea what it’s really like, until it’s actually in production for general purchase.

I would really like to see the ability to control the Emerson Sensi Thermostat. It is a great thermostat with rock solid mechanical relays. Integration with Smartthings is all that is needed. It is the only reason I still have the Wink hub.


All great suggestions…

Let not forget a Locale Pluggin

I would like the Skylink wireless home security system to be compatible with the new system. How would it possible to make any wireless systems compatible with the Smart things hub?

I wanted to through another vote for Lutron Caseta support. This is the one thing that kept me on the fence with SmartThings.

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