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(Jody) #8
  • Cameras
  • Fan Controls
  • Smart TV’s
  • More affordable audio solutions
(Ed Meredith) #9

I would like to see the fibaro devices. Especially their smoke sensor when it becomes available sometime later this year or early 1st quarter 2015. Also would like to see the Utilitech Glass Break Sensor which works with Lowes Iris and is z-wave. That would complete the security set up. Have not got my August Smart Lock yet but it is shipping so if it does not work out of the box with ST would love to see integration with this. Ivee alarm clock integration. Ubi works good but Ivee is getting into retailers now so that would be a good integration for ST. Integration with Automatic driving assistant would be a great way to utilize presence detection with the geofence in the ST app. Finally I would like to see integration with Neurio when it ships. This device was a kickstarter project and will allow notifications of energy usage around the house with specific appliances and/or rooms. ibeacons would be great as they could provide the killer app for the smarthome with local presence capabilities. I suspect that will come with hub v.2.


I would love to see the recently released Samsung Smartcam HD Outdoor Camera added into Smartthings :+1:

(Yves Racine) #11


There are many upcoming devices that ST should be compatible with. Amongst others:

  1. Smart Vents (partnership with Lowe’s)


This device type, in conjunction with a smart thermostat, is a powerful tool for more comfort and energy savings.

  1. Korners: Home security solution


They are supposed to be zigbee (although I don’t have the exact profile specs). These types of devices
can be used for many automation scripts as they combine vibration + contact sensors in one cheap
package (around $20).

  1. Neurio: Home intelligence (smart meter with predefined profiles in the cloud)


This kind of device would be useful to detect energy hogs in a house. The integration with Smartthings
could help eliminate them with automation rules.

  1. Kuna: Ourdoor Lighting + Motion sensor + Security Camera + Intercom

This is a really nice device with a lot of potential for residential/small business uses.



Cheaper alternative to Sonos.

Fibaro sensors.

Glass-break sensor.

A color-changing LED bulb that doesn’t require a separate hub.

(Tim Slagle) #13

Have you looked at the VLC Thing/ObyThing alternatives? They work beautifully.

(Ron S) #14

Certified Sonos Integration with the ability to select multiple Sonos in ST app.

(Beckwith) #15

Blink once they are released and have an API:

This is a much more affordable Dropcam alternative.

Interface with the following oven:

So I can at least shut down if smoke detector triggered among other ideas.

(Freddie Thomas) #16

IP cams (dlink, logitech)

(Ed Meredith) #17

Roost smart battery. Retrofit smart home might be the key to mass adoption due to low cost of entry.

(Mike Lehmann) #18

Check this out!!! Amazon Echo - support this like you do for Sonos???

(Tim Slagle) #19

I like it, but most of Amazons stuff is closed source. No API… No integration. :frowning:

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(Mike Lehmann) #20

Yeah they didn’t say whether it would have an API… but I guess you are right - that’s their trend :frowning:

(Tim Slagle) #21

Our only hope is a STs and Amazon partnership here i think Would be cool though!

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(Geko) #22

I wish they also filled it with a bunch of environmental sensors. Sensors are cheap.

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Now that is Cool @Geco

  1. Amazon Echo

  2. Blink camera support

  3. More Garage door opener options

(Yann Oehl) #24

How about voice control via Amazon Echo?


I am waiting for ismartalarm integration with smartthings. is it possible in near term

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(Beckwith) #26

I’d like to hear Sonos tell me if I have to give myself more time in the morning to fill the car up with gas.

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(Geko) #27

Same idea, only cheaper - $99:

This one has a public API though :smile: