Stringify bought by Comcast

Well, this sucks… I don’t really know what else to say.

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I do.



Very interesting. Xfinity is serious about their home automation offering, it’s one of their fastest growing segments. This gives them a jumpstart on multilevel rules engine, one of the things they’ve been missing up until now.


I’m watching this one closely. I had been using CoRE and then started using Stringify a while ago. I like the graphical aspect of it a lot. That said I’m worried where Comcast will take it…perhaps some new ‘fees’ on my cable bill?

All of this is just a guess, but I would expect that the public app will be frozen as it is and eventually abandoned and that the engineering team will work on an app for the Xfinity home service instead. So there won’t be a fee for the public version, there just won’t be a public version for too much longer. But again, that’s all just a guess.


Just got an email today and notification last night, Comcast is now no longer supporting IFTTT. Pushing everyone to Stringify. It was nice to get some things pushed to my X1 box, but I don’t know if I’m up for supporting a one-off platform for those nice-to-haves. Am I missing something ?

What do you mean by a “one-off” platform?