Steam Shower Integration - Help

(Jason) #1

I have a Amerec steam shower that has “instructions” for connecting it to smart devices. I have wires that just require a momentary dry contact to turn it on or off, that’s the easy part. I was thinking something along the lines of Linear FS20z-1 contact fixture module, but reporting current status is throwing me a little bit.

The instructions are say:

I’m trying to think of a way to monitor these devices for 10vdc to tell me if the steam is on, or off. I don’t know of any zigbee or zwave modules that can report power. I would think I could do this with relays and inexpensive electrical equipment but I don’t know enough about them, maybe someone can enlighten me on the subject??

Otherwise I will resort to looking for a cheap 10vdc device that I can use in conjunction with a zwave/zigbee sensor. I.E. a 10vdc light, and a light sensor. Or a 10vdc motor that makes a box vibrate and a multipurpose sensor.

TLDR; What is the easiest/cheapest way to report status of 10vdc power to ST.

(Cody Truscott) #2

Order a Fibaro binary sensor from euro x10.

(Jason) #3


I haven’t seen this device before. This may be a dumb question, but would I hook the 10vdc to actually power the binary sensor? Then hook up one of the outputs to a zwave contact? or would I be able to tell when just this device has power via the 10vdc? Edit - I know it’s a zwave device, but i’m not sure how it reports to ST as i’m trying to get it figured out before my hub comes(v2)


(scooter133) #4

Are you looking for Confirmation that the Steam Shower is on after you triggered the Contact Fixture Module? Wouldn’t the module give you the status of its contact and then that would tell you if its on or off?

A Friend uses the WeMo Maker for an Application like this.

I have a Steamist Steam Generator and am Looking for a way to see when its on so I can be sire the Bath Fan is on. The Steamists has a web and phone app for remote control, though nothing that connects it directly to smarthings.

(Jason) #5

Yes, the contact module would give you it’s status, but I think it could get screwed up from using the regular controller. I know itshe not that likely or that much of a hassle to fix, but the documentation tells me if I monitor the voltage

I think the correct way to set up this device for scheduling would be to have it check to see if voltage was present, if not send a contact.

I have ano older steamist on another bathroom that I would like to integrate as well some day. I would think that the box or controller would have leads or output terminals for a remote start stop switch like my amerec one.

From readding about relays it appears that a 10vdc might be enough to trigger some 12vdc relays. I’m going to try that on the 10vdc leads and hook up the dry contact’s to a door switch, this will be to monitor steams status. Then I will use a contact module for the on off functionality.

“I have a Steamist Steam Generator and am Looking for a way to see when its on so I can be sire the Bath Fan is on”

This will be one of the first things I do.