Stacked conditional rules

Ive searched the forums but not sure how to implement whats below.

Basically I want to control a group (5) of smartplugs that are all powering outside lights.


Lights come on at X:XX

After Time X:XX lights go off Until there is motion (from 4 motion sensors) then stay on for 15 min

basically lights are on from 5pm but turn off at 10:00

if there is motion between 10:00 and sunrise they would stay on for 15 min.

Is this possible and I’m missing some setting?

The last one Im not sure is possible with Smart things but I figure its worth asking.

Our gate is about 1,700 feet through the woods to the road. Id like to put a motion or contact sensor on the gate that when it opens the landscape lights flash and possible a short tone so the kids know to get out of the driveway that someone is coming down.

Create two separate smart lighting rules.

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As @Automated_House said, that’s not actually a stacked conditional. That’s two separate conditionals because there is no overlapping rule evaluation required. The first rule ends at 10. The second rule starts at 10. :sunglasses:

If you do find a need going forward to start getting into stacked conditionals, see the following FAQ (this is a clickable link)

How to Get Started Creating Complex Rules in SmartThings (2017) (SmartThings Classic)

As far as the gate, 1700 feet is a really long distance. Also, SmartThings really isn’t reliable enough for this kind of safety case, your kids might get too used to depending on the alert and then if it fails and doesn’t go off it could be a real problem. So I think I would look for other technologies for that particular use case.

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10-4 Thank you

Ive tried several of the long range motion options, the last two were radio operated and worked but the sensors were so sensitive that leaves dropping set them off.

Is there an IFTTT or any wifi multi sensor that can use the wifi Ive created at the gate to communicate on the network?

I have hardline and wifi at the gate, just need a sensor that can work away from the hub to show the gate opening.

Use a contact sensor or a camera-based motion sensor. All the PIR sensors have difficulty outdoors.

Is there a contact or multi that works through wifi to communicate with the ST hub?

Basically Im looking for a sensor that I can connect to smartthings that will use the networks wifi only at that distance to control lights and give notification.

I have reolink and lorex at the gate but the problem is nightime where IR reports every moth or spider.

No. You’ll have to use a cloud to cloud integration with either sensor tag or a Wi-Fi device. Or one of the camera-based options. But I’m still not crazy about the whole idea of people depending on that for safety because of the inherent flakiness of the smartthings cloud.

Thanks JD, When you say cloud integration are you referring to IFFFT? also, is a sensor tag similar to a reed contact ?

IFTTT is one method of cloud integration, but not the only one. Any manufacturer which offers a way for you to send messages to their cloud may be able to accept messages from the SmartThings cloud via a custom smart app. For example, that’s how the custom nest integration works.

“Sensor tag” in this instance referred to a specific brand name. Their full name is Kao Gadgets Kumo Wireless Sensor Tag. They have a very long range. They do have an IFTTT channel, But most community members use a different cloud to cloud integration. They have multiple different kinds of sensors, including a reed sensor, a motion sensor, and a moisture sensor.