ST+Yonomi? (or ST by itself)

How many people use a combo of hubs (h/w or s/w), such as ST + Yonomi.

I noticed that Yonomi seems more easily integrated with Sonos than ST, but interested in views (and integration ideas).


I think it’s just a lot of variation. Some people just use smartthings, some people use half a dozen different controllers.

Many people use a Phillips hue bridge and SmartThings: I would guess that’s probably the most popular dual controller set up.

Harmony is also very popular, and the official SmartThings/harmony integration is the easiest way to add control of entertainment devices to a SmartThings set up.

Yonomi, like IFTTT and Echo isn’t a controller in itself, it just allows you to use events from one controller to trigger events from another. Quite a few people use it.

There is a thread for Yonomi, you can ask any specific questions there. :sunglasses:

Some people use multiple Z wave controllers. It doesn’t work perfectly, but I can give you some added features. Some People will also add in a Staples connect or wink hub just to get the Lutron Caseta integration.

So there are a lot of different variations. Some people want to see everything in one app, but others are fine with having multiple apps, specially for set ups where they don’t have to use the app very often because everything runs on a scheduler or from event triggers.

So just lots of different variations depending on preference and needs.


Use what is the most reliable and works best for you and is easier to setup. For example, Yonomi, Alexa and Harmony integration works best compared to ST, Alexa and Harmony integration.

Same for IFTTT and Alexa compared to ST and Alexa for devices that aren’t natively supported by Alexa via ST.

There are instances though where things work great natively in ST. For example. I switched from MyQ garage door openers (now blocked) to the Linear ZWave and haven’t had a single false positive or issue in 2 months. Same for Belkin Wemos, junked them in favor of
ZWave switches and they are much more

I tried at one point to do EVERYTHING through ST and it was a total fail.