ST Water Sensor Rule Creaton Help

I know how to create a rule when A ST water sensor senses water and turns “WET”. I have an application using a ST water sensor that I need a notification when the water sensor returns back to “DRY”. Is there any ideas on how I can do this?

Quite a few community members have done this, usually to alert when a pet bowl or a Christmas tree reserve have gone dry.

However, to be honest, it’s usually better to choose a sensor that can be configured to report when dry because otherwise you tend to run the battery down really fast on a typical leak sensor.

You can see the projects that other community members have done by looking on the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. Look down near the bottom of the page for the project reports section, and in this case I would just look on the “holidays“ list and you should find several.

Or you can just go straight to this thread (this is a clickable link)

And here is the link to the quick browse lists:

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll check out the link you provided.
I have the water sensor connected via dry contact relay to my whole house generator. When the generator starts running, the relay closes and I get a wet indication and a notification. When the generator stops running, the sensor returns to dry and that’s what I want to get a notification on. It shouldn’t run the battery down as it will mostly be in dry condition.
Again, thanks for the link and I’ll read and see if I can implement their ideas

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