ST water pressure device

I’ve found a few posts discussing this, but all seem to be dated.
Is there a ST device I can place on my water line to measure pressure?
If not, is there a NON-ST device to do that which can be monitored by my phone?

Do you need to know the actual pressure, or just trigger above / below a certain threshold? If the latter, you could use a pressure switch like the one below (you would need to find a compatible pressure range) and connect either the NO or the NC side to a dry contact on a contact sensor.

Thanks for the reply. We’re near the end of a long water line lose water pressure 2-3x/yr - sometimes 2-3 hrs, sometimes a couple of days. All I want to know is when we lose pressure and get it back. Don’t care about actual pressure.
I have a plug in the line so all I have to do is remove plug/insert sensor. I’d prefer one that works with ST, but, failing that, anything that will send alerts to my phone is acceptable.

If you are in North America and have a ST hub the pressure sensor listed above or any similar one connected to a Zooz Zen16 will do what you want. The Zooz Zen16 is a Z-Wave multi relay.

Thanks for the idea. I’m not too knowledgeable on that. Can hardly spell ‘multirellay.’ No idea how to hook one up. Any web site with ‘how to?’

Run 2 wires from the pressure switch to SW1, 2 or 3 on Zen16.

Looks simple enough . . . for an electrician. what type wires do I need?
Can’t find the OD of the threads.
I’m told my water pressure i3 ~50-60 lbs. If I’m reading this right, this switch monitors ~20psi. Am I reading that right?

This switch will turn on when your water pressure is above 20 (can be adjusted 17-23) psi. If your “low pressure” condition is higher than that you would want something at a higher set point - maybe 40 psi or so. You just don’t want it so high that you’re getting nuisance alerts while the pressure is still OK.

Here’s one that I use for work; it’s more expensive, but it has a much wider range so you don’t have to worry about getting the wrong one.

You could use the ZEN16 as Paul suggested, or a contact sensor with extra terminals:

I would just use doorbell wire to connect them. You’ll need to strip the ends, feed them through the holes in the tabs on the pressure switch and fold over, then apply electrical tape or heat shrink to secure them (you could also solder them or crimp on a quick disconnect terminal, but if you aren’t already set up for that you probably don’t want to buy the tools for this small task).

Note that the 20PSI switch above has both Normally Open and Normally Closed contacts, while the 20-60PSI switch only has normally open. You would connect one wire to each leg, or on the other switch, to NO and C. That means, when you have pressure, the switch will close. You would set up your ST routine to alert you if the switch/relay opens (low pressure), and maybe when it closes (high pressure) as well if you want to monitor when it comes back.

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There is no significant power flow or voltage so something like doorbell wire would work.

Looks like that switch has 1/8" threads, most pressure Switches will either have 1/8 or 1/4" threads.

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I don’t want the switch to open/close. I want a sensor that will either sense H/L pressure(e.g., above/below 20psi) or give me a digital readout. The ultimate goal is to be alerted on low pres and when pres returns to normal.

That’s what you get with one of these devices. The pressure rises, the switch (internal to the pressure sensor) closes, and continuity across the switch is read by your contact sensor / multirelay device and triggers your alert. Pressure falls, switch opens, contact sensor / multirelay now reads as “open”. You can use a driver like Z-wave masquerade to have that status show up as something else instead of open/closed to make it more user-friendly.

My bad. I read “switch,” but my brain said ‘valve.’
Looks like this will work. I’ll have to check the plug size in my inlet water.
Amazon has the Zen 17. I’m guessing that’s the same thing

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Zen 17 should work. Connect pressure switch to S1 & C or S2 & C.

To the best of my knowledge there are no pressure sensors that will give you a digital read out in Smartthings. But I could be wrong.

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Don’t need a pressure readout. Only included that as a fall back.
You advise looks like exactly what I need. Thanks

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