ST vs Staples Connect?

(Col Hack) #1

Does anyone have hands-on experience with Staples Connect?

How does it compare to ST? On the surface, it looks quite similar - a $99 hub, free iPhone/Android app, no service fees. Supports Z-Wave and Lutron proprietary “Clear Connect RF” protocol (433 MHz, I believe). Does not have built-in Zigbee support, but apparently can talk to some 3-rd party devices, e.g. Philips Hue (over TCP/IP, I presume).

The hub is manufactured by Linksys, but there’s not much info on their support page:

Here’s CNet review:

(Dbmet) #2

I purchased one, but ended up sending it back… If you don’t have the hardware currently listed in there store I wouldn’t bother. I have a manual deadbolt scalage lock that would work. I called into tech support(zonoff) and the guy was very helpful but he said that if it wasn’t an automatic deadbolt it wouldn’t work even though it was a z-wave lock. I also tried to add my foscam but it wasn’t listed in the devices.

(Col Hack) #3

Thank you for your input. I stopped by at the local Staples to have a closer look at it but they didn’t even had it on display and the sales folks had no idea what I was talking about. I guess it’s only sold online or at select stores and it makes me doubt that they are committed to it in the long term.