ST v3 Hub Zigbee range disappointment

I’m one of the many to finally get around to making the transition from Wink to SmartThings and am surprised how poor the Zigbee range is comparatively. I unfortunately made the switch at the beginning of ST’s 2-day systemwide outages last week and hoped things would improve once that was worked out but it has not.

I have a dozen Cree Connect bulbs around the house, previously connected to Wink, that I went through the reset process with. My ST hub is in the exact same location as my Wink was (which admittedly is a couple feet from the cable modem but 15-18 feet from the wireless router). None of my 3 back porch bulbs work now and 3 of 4 bulbs in the back bedroom no longer connect unless I move their lamps into the hallway or the room with the hub. Previously all connected to the Wink — 2 would sometimes lose connection but reconnect when turned off for.a few moments and back on.

Is this just a thing with SmartThings hubs that their ranges, at least in the case of Zigbee, isn’t as good? Or am I doing something wrong?

I’ve learned my previous incorrect assumptions that Cree Connect bulbs extend the mesh network were wrong and have ordered some otherwise unneeded smart plugs to extend the network. But did I miss some other solution?

What you’re dealing with is a poor expectation setting because of Wink unfortunately. Wink is known for having an ABNORMALLY strong set of antennae. They’re barely in spec. I’m sure they did this on purpose to prevent signal issues but if you move to just about anything else you end up with blank spots. Invest in repeaters.


Thank you. Any repeaters you particularly like?

Personally I use Securifi Peanuts for my Zigbee repeating, I hear the Ikea smart plugs do well also.


Your zigbee channel prob also changed and maybe catching some interference from your wifi. Here is sone guidance to check.


Thanks so much.

A couple of strategically placed INNR Zigbee smart plugs did the trick here. Thanks all.

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