Cree Connected Bulbs Stop working but rebooting router fixes it?

Hi, I recently have been having problems with my Cree Connected bulbs. I have a smartthings hub v2, five cree bulbs, one ge bulb, and three aeon minimotes. I normally control the lights with the minimotes. The last couple of days I noticed that the minimotes wouldn’t control the lights. They won’t turn on or off. I tried controlling them from the smartthings app, but that didn’t work either. I tried rebooting the hub and repairing z-wave network. That didn’t work either. I finally tried rebooting my netgear r7000 router. That fixed the problem. Why? And how do I avoid this problem in the future?

Thank you!

The bulbs are zigbee, so the repair won’t help you diagnose issues with those devices.

I would suspect that your router and ST hub are close by to each other? Zigbee and your router will interfere, as well as other wireless devices on the similar frequency and/or channel. There’s a really good discussion in the Community regarding hub placement, etc.

Hub/router placement, and moving things around to avoid interference until things just work without incident.


Thank you for the reply. Yes, the router is on one shelf while the hub is on the shelf below it. I will try to shift the hub some. I’ll also try to see if manually choosing a different channel on the 2.4ghz frequency will help. I’m just confused why these things would cause all the bulbs to lose connection indefinitely. I can imagine the controls being a little flaky and slow, but lose connection completely?

It may be like your Wi-Fi dropping off if your microwave is running. The signal is just strong and flooding the channel and your other signal can’t get through.

The zigbee radio in the smartthings hub is tuned to one channel at the factory and cannot be changed afterwards. Your Wi-Fi router may actually have a choice of multiple bands and be hitting different ones after a reboot.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of whether there’s actually any messages being sent in that moment.

I have a Wi-Fi booster. If I plug it in on one wall in my living room, all the zigbee devices on my network that are to the west of it lose connection completely. If I move the Wi-Fi booster over to the other wall, everything works fine again. So sometimes “local interference” just means a really strong signal within a few feet. :scream:

The following may help. (This is a clickable link)